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Announcement: 12 Women Needed To Support Maria Milingo In Rome!!!

Phillip Schanker
August 25, 2001

Maria Milingo, now fasting in Rome until she can see her husband face to face, is entering her 13th day without food. The stress & tension she is under, her worry for the Archbishop and being the focus of tremendous media attention makes the conditions for her fast additionally difficult.

Although Maria has tremendous public support, her continued fasting could be dangerous, and I, for one, did not come to Rome to preside over her death. More urgent than the threat of illness is the legal fact that fasting to death is considered suicide in Italy, and it is therefore illegal. At any moment soon, a court order could be issued to bring Maria to a hospital, force-feed her and after a few days of recuperation, deport her as an alien in violation of the laws of Italy.

To prevent both of these dangers, and at the same time avoid the accusations that some have as yet unsuccessfully sought to generate that Maria is being used or harmed by the Family Federation, we plan that 12 women will take up Maria's fast for a limited period of time (7 days or less). We have not yet convinced her to stop fasting when this support begins, but we are confident that we will be able to soon.

We would like to begin fasting in Rome for this cause on Tuesday, August 29, and wish to hear from all those in Europe, America, or around the world that are able to come and support. If long fasting is difficult for you, but you can get yourself to Rome, you can still support through chain-fasting, prayer, etc. You may of course wish to fast in your own country, as some are doing already, but the impact we need is here in Rome.

ANY WOMAN (OR MAN) WHO WISHES TO COME TO ROME & SUPPORT, PLEASE E-MAIL TO REV. PHILLIP SCHANKER VIA immediately, or call me in Italy (39)348-247-9030 so we can organize and communicate well. Looking forward to seeing you in Rome...


Arrivederci! Ciao!

Much love & prayer- Rev. Phillip Schanker

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