The Words of the Saver Family

"The best expression of the Divine Principle is when two people are working harmoniously together"

Paul Saver
December 20, 2010

Hey my fellow Unificationists, my Brothers and Sisters,

Soon after I joined the Unification Church in 1979 in Melbourne, Australia, the Center Leader gave me a copy of the Divine Principle and penned in True Father's words that read: "The best expression of the Divine Principle is when two people are working harmoniously together". Those words have remained etched in my heart ever since.

Also around the same time and later whenever I saw films of events such as Yankee Stadium, Washington Monument, CARP activities where I saw images of our brothers and sisters of different races on stage together I could not stop the flood of emotion which usually erupted in tears rolling down my cheeks. Instantly I felt, "these are my heroes and heroines, my brothers and sisters."

Looking from afar, at members working in America, I may have been naive, but I was nonetheless, captivated by what appeared to me, as wonderful models of unity and I desperately wanted to be a part of it.

Around the year 1984, my Japanese wife, Michiko, was working in Little Rock, Arkansas when IOWC teams toured the country. Up to this day, my wife keeps talking about, the heart and maturity of two American brothers who were key leaders at the time. One, Bob Miller, the State Leader of Arkansas. The other, Richard Panzer, the IOWC Commander [currently President of UTS]. My wife observed two very different personalities, each with their own valid points of view and areas of responsibility, BUT able to forge a unity. There were no power struggles or arguments about who is Cain and who is Abel. Just two mature people that were able to recognize and appreciate each other's role and in doing so, manifest the power of God.

So what am I getting at? In these "Last Days" of God wanting to finally realize His long held dream of realizing the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth, what is needed are at least some group or groups of people that can establish healthy successful models of people working together. Micro chunks of heaven on Earth, if you will. Those micro chunks begin with me and then my couple and my family. From there it expands to groups of individuals/families working together.

If we establish models of unity, we can forget about "witnessing" ; the Unification Church will become the "hunted" ("chased after") and no longer the "hunter" (the "chaser").


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