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Life Purpose: The BIG Kahuna

Paul Saver
October 29, 2010

If you haven't got a "why" that's big enough to empower you to wade through sh*! up to your eyeballs, eat sh*! and endure the pits of despair and YET keep coming up for more you haven't fully lived.

What Is Your Big "Why"?

Without a big enough "why" to get you going and to drive you on, come hell or high water, failure is just waiting around the corner to take you down.

Let's face it, of the 97% of people who fail to make any serious money online, the overwhelming majority fail by default i.e. they simply give up.

Does this describe you and/or are you another statistic waiting to happen?

Life Purpose: The Biggest Momma Of Them All If you want to be part of the illustrious 3% club who succeed, largely because they refuse to throw in the towel, read on to find out why life purpose is the big Kahuna or the biggest momma of them all.

Six Basic Types of Questions

There are six basic types of questions you can ask. They are "who", "what", "when", "how", "where" and "why" (or "which")

A huge number of articles written and videos created tell us "how" to do XYZ and for very good reason. Nobody wants to be incapable.

However, getting the "know how" is not enough if obstacle after obstacle (internal and external) comes at you, aiming to derail you from your track to success. Put another way, lots of people know how to do stuff but don't even start and for many who do, they spit the dummy midstream because their why is not strong or big enough.

"Why" Is The Motivator

Now why is the "why" the big Kahuna? Because only the "why" question deals with motivation.

The teenager with an attitude will never change unless they decide to connect with with a big enough "why" to move out of the void of purposelessness

Your answer to the "why" question which implies "purpose", provides meaning which gives birth to value and therefore the power to take action and keep going.

The bigger the "why", the bigger the meaning, the bigger the value, the bigger the motivation, the bigger the "crushing" and "staying" power, the bigger the chances of success.

Diagrammatically it goes like this:

"WHY" -- > meaning -- > value -- > motivation

-- > crushing/staying power -- > SUCCESS

Wisdom From The Mouths Of Babes

My premise that life purpose is the big Kahuna is not exactly rocket science. Even four year olds have unwittingly figured it out.

As those who have raised children would attest, it's the endless "why" questions from the mouths of babes, spoken with the purest of intent that not only drives parents crazy but also powerfully reveals the human insatiable desire to discover meaning and one's life purpose.

Clearly it's the "why" question when answered empowers people to dream, live and do what it takes to achieve big.

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Wishing You Success On Your Purpose Driven Life Path,

Paul Saver 

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