The Words of the Sattlberger Family

Developing a new Quality of Life by Consciously Living from your Heart

Kurt Sattlberger
November 13 - 15, 2009

14 people, among them 5 couples, gathered at "Haus Regenbogen" in Seebenstein to face this wonderful topic with the support of Kurt and Bernadette Sattlberger

The seminar started with exercises to get to know each other, followed by an analysis of one's predominant feelings. After defining the goals for the weekend, everyone could do a CHIP aimed at celebrating a personal successful achievement. During this process, the participants discovered the desires related to this event laying in their hearts. Connecting with these fulfilled desires creates energy and motivation. Self-awareness expands.

The highlight in the afternoon was sharing in small empathy-groups where everyone found room to express his/her heart and to experience the healing power of empathic listening.

On Sunday we used CHIP to deal with difficult, burdening or painful issues, where we could experience the energizing and transforming effect of CHIP and the motivation and creative solutions that emerge, when someone completes the process. At the end everyone developed his/her own positive affirmations to preserve or reactivate the connection with his/her heart in daily life.

CHIP (Constellation of Heart-centered Inner Processes) is a method that helps to consciously connect the main faculties of human personality - emotion, intellect and will - with the heart.

Inner processes related to a specific situation are made "visible" through the use of cards and empathic listening. A new level of consciousness emerges that facilitates the proper use of emotion, intellect and will to manifest the desires of the heart. Addressed from this perspective, it becomes clear that both positive and negative thoughts and feelings are designed to serve the purpose of the heart, which aims at the manifestation and multiplication of love and joy. They just signalize whether the desires of the heart are fulfilled or not.

According to their needs the participants received

liberation from aggressive or depressive feelings and thoughts
healing in their heart
concrete steps leading to a solution of the addressed issue as well as
joy and motivation

And if someone could not immediately gain a sustainable result, CHIP showed clearly the reason why and thus opened the way to gain success in a next attempt.

Brothers and sisters felt released, touched, inspired or motivated. Everyone was moved by the high atmosphere of honesty, sincerity and brotherhood created during this seminar. Statements like, "we discovered new aspects of life", "I got rid of some liters of nitroglycerin", "I feel like born anew" or "this method seems to have tremendous potential - like the method of family constellations" showed that the investment was well honored. 

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