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HARP April News

Abigail Sattlberger
April 2005

In March we held a Senior Easter WS with the Motto, "Pave your Path let the DP be your paving stone".

This WS was really amazing because the atmosphere was really good.

We had a few lectures about Chapter 1 from Albert Heitzinger, but mostly they studied the DP in groups and prepared for the Lecture Contest. It worked really well and everybody enjoyed this kind of researching the Principle.

They had a lot of free time, but that was good, because they used their time wisely to discuss or just to talk, or to play volleyball or table tennis together. So they had time to be with their friends.

We had also creative groups. One day they could go shopping and buy something for their "secret friend". One day they could prepare dinner, and one day they could make Easter eggs. They really enjoyed it.

We had also a Special Challenge Day. We focused on spiritual Challenge. They had to read out the DP loudly and do some exercises in between. We saw the movie "Miracle" to inspire them. Then they were sent out to go witnessing. They went in groups and split up in different towns. They had to ask young people about the 3 NOs what they think about them and if they would live according to these guidelines. They had good experiences with this.

The lecture contest was also a big event. Peter Zöhrer, our National leader, came to vote for the best lecturer. 9 HARPies participated in the contest and everybody gave an amazing lecture.

So our WS was really successful and according to the reflections everybody was inspired through it.

All the best, Abigail Sattlberger

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