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The Last Three-Year Course of the 40-Year Ocean Providence Centered on True Parents (June 2, 2000 - Lunar May 1, 2003)

Tateo Sato
Little Ferry, NJ
July, 2000

First I would like to explain about hobby industry. True Father has said that hobby industry consists of ocean hobby industry, hunting, sports, and arts, in which he recognized the last two to be newly included in the list. The Ocean Hobby Industry will be established upon the basis of completing the restoration of the Third Blessing, through the achievement of the Blessing and the elimination of boundaries between countries.

According to True Father, people in the present society are doing slave labors. They are only working for the sake of their living, sometimes solely for money; therefore, this means that they are completely dominated by the creation. This in turn is causing food problems. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, regardless of which age, the problem had existed everywhere.

In the age of true hobby industries, because people are completely restored, their bodies follow their mindís orders, and for ones whose dominion over the creation has been completely restored through ocean training, since he works for the realization of Godís Ideal of Creation, the productivity will be infinitely higher. Thus, problems like starvation will automatically solve themselves.

When I say Hobby Industry, the word hobby does not refer to the mere concept the secular world refers to, but in the real sense, since it offers actual profit and joy while done with concentration, it maximizes the human ability. Especially concerning the Ocean Hobby Industry, one will realize an absolute result because one will understand everything about the ocean and research Godís creation further. Therefore, the Ocean Hobby Industry will be the central industry that will expand over the kingdom of heaven on earth on the foundation of the unification of the world through elimination of the boundaries and through the Blessing.

The Three-Year Course

For True Parents to prepare this providence and to develop it all over the world is an absolute necessity. The 21-day fishing course, or as True Father says, "the Special Ocean Providence," was a very significant providence. True Father has started the special three-year course from the 38th True Day of All Things (June 2, 2000) after going fishing for ten days from May 22. The 40-year course of Ocean Providence, which started in 1963 on the True Day of All Things, where True Parents had offered the boat "Chun Soon" (Heavenly Victory), will be completed in three years (in 2003) on the True Day of All Things. We are to establish the foundation in which the humanity can reclaim the dominion over the creation by expanding this providence worldwide. The 21-Day Fishing Course was a special ocean providence in order to start the three-year course.

True Father had gone fishing ten days prior to June 2, and 11 days after the day, and then left to Alaska on June 16. On the morning of June 7, True Parents had offered a prayer for the Declaration of the Restoration of the Ocean to its Original Position. This meant that the Ocean Providence, which had resentment against the fact that men had neglected and badly ruled over the seas after developing societies solely on the basis of developed lands due to manís failure to have dominion over the creation ever since Adam and Eve, had been liberated through True Parentsí victory. Therefore, the Declaration is quite significant in a way that the time has come for the ocean providence to receive its original position and dominion by the original human beings. Due to this, it has become the age in which we can earnestly start the Ocean Providence centering on True Parents. In other words, the True Ocean Era has come.

The 21-Day Ocean Providential Course

True Fatherís 21-day fishing course that lasted from April to the beginning of May, and the 40th True Parents Holy Wedding Anniversary Fishing Tournament were both held at the meaningful time which was the start of the 2nd 40-year course, but the recent 21-Day Special Ocean Providential Course along with the Top Ocean Project in South America especially had significant meanings.

First, though True Father has been planning to move the center of the Ocean Providence to South America, he decided to reestablish the center in America.

Second, it was the beginning of establishing the model for Ocean Providence centering on the areas along the East Coast from NY, NJ, Gloucester to Canada, and then to spread it to the five continents, starting with South America.

Third, ocean training has started in the Bridgeport area for the National Messiahs. Even though the training had stopped due to failure to determine the fishing spots, True Father had said that this had significant meaning because without the National Messiahsí complete involvement, foundations in the world cannot be built.

Fourth, True Father has made particular instructions for boat building in order to achieve the perfect completion of the boats as a product.

Fifth, True Father has called out to the Church leaders and members who were invited to the True Motherís Victory Celebrations that were held at Liberty Harbor Marina and Little Ferry Boat Building Factory. True Father especially ordered the sisters to become boat captains as bridges to the age of second and third generations.

True Fatherís Schedule

During the 21-Day Fishing Course, True Father has gone from Mamaroneck to Long Island Sound, from Sandy Hook to the New York Upper and Lower Bays, from Bridgeport to again Long Island Sound, and from Bridgeport back to New York Bay on water. Especially within the New York Bay, True Father had gone from around Staten Island to Ralitan Bay, Sandy Hook, Coney Island, and Rockaway, and gone everywhere for researching. He had set a model for us by directly doing the research himself.

True Father also targeted various kinds of fish concentrating on blackfish, striped bass, fluke, and sea trout. For five days, True Father went out fishing twice daily, having the Victory Celebration in between. Usually at 5 or 6 in the morning, earliest at 4:50am, True Father left the marina. He held one hour of Hoon Dok Hae everyday either in the car on the way to the marina or on the boat when fishing was relatively slow. True Father fished until sunset, and after going back to East Garden, he handled important providence; the confirmations for the next dayís schedule were usually done at 1:00 or 2:00am. Even with this intensity, it is said that True Father was one day seen standing at the entrance of the East Garden fully ready to go fishing. The staff who prepare for his fishing usually got up and started at 3:30am, so that day, they had to make True Father wait for some 50 minutes. The intensity of True Father also could be seen by the fact that he went out fishing on June 1, the very next day that True Mother had come back from her Hoon Dok Hae Tour.

Fatherís Instructions

True Father had given us various important words on the Ocean Providence during this period. One special instruction was that all members are to go out fishing in teams to research for fishing spots both early in the morning and in the evening while keeping the working time on land to maximum 8 hours. He had mentioned that when we acquire an absolute confidence in knowing when and where along East Coast (Canada to New York), what fish we will get, a providence will begin which will invite tours from all over the world.

True Father has made instructions on the improvements of all boats from the 28-foot to the 16-foot river boat when he visited the Little Ferry Boat Factory on May 21. Then, he ordered 12 boats for fishing training and researching in N.Y. - N.J. area. He had talked about the ways in which we are to spread our boats all over the world. And he made some detailed instructions during the Fishing Course that started on the 22nd, on the establishment of the Ocean Hobby Industry Headquarters (as the Model) and its expansion to the world, thereby setting forth the substantial start of the three year course.

On the 15th, True Father finished the intensive 21-Day Fishing (Ocean Providence), and on the 16th, he had left for Alaska. The next day on July 17, True Father declared the Restoration of the Ocean to its Original Position, thereby opening the door for the true ocean era. In other words, he has declared the beginning of the three-year course toward the world by making the Ocean Hobby Industry Headquarters in Pantanal, Uruguay, New York (northeast of USA), Alaska, and Cheju Island as the conditions.

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