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TOPP (True Owners of Philippine Providence) Needs Help

May Sato
April 14, 2010

Warm Greetings!

I really hesitate to write to you about our witnessing situation in the Philippines right now. I guess you have seen already some of those photos.

I was on the team when it was even a plan yet but it develops as days go by through inspiration coming through maybe because of our Chong Seong done in headquarters.

When we started going out everyday after Hoon Dok Hae 6:30- 9:00 am and out again 10-12, out again 2-7 pm.

We were able to bring result even just outside the doorstep of the headquarters gate.

Everyday we can have guest more or less 10 person a day. It is purely Divine Principle with proclamation at the end of the series of lecture.

It was like the old fire rekindling again in our hearts to witness with seriousness and determination to let people know that the Messiah is already on earth.

The Team was composed of 12 including myself and Ate Shirley. I am the main lecturer and Ate Shirley is the one who also plans, inspire and taking initiative to make the Team alive because it was not easy to have this big dream to witness around the country, visit member, educate them about the value of witnessing and tithing. In other words we are witnessing new and old members.

It was so moving experienced for all of us when we can bring back the old leader type members after 5- 10 years of silence and absence from the church.

In conclusion the Team which visited every center to center starting Luzon and later down to Mindanao It really revived the spirit of the past, rekindling the fire of meeting and educating the people about the Messiah.

But of course with so much obstacle we faced everyday because as of now we really don't have the financial support of this endeavor. The member of the team is doing fundraising and food raising because some of the center we visited have only 2-3 full time and are still very young and new to carry the responsibility as a leader. Although there are family members around in every center or regional centers but very few full time others family members could not even show their faces in the center.

With this regards Kuya, I would like to ask your kind heart to let the Filipino brothers and sisters that we really need your support morally, spiritually and financially, any amount you can send for the team to survive.

We really wanted to bring maximum result but our time is divided with food raising and fundraising to finance our travel, and other needs for the witnessing activities.

Especially if we have to conduct lecture here and there and seminars at the end of the week, we need some fund for snacks and food for the new guest.

But the most important we need at this point of time are laptops for all the lecturers and 2 -3 projectors.

If you can send at least 3-4 laptop slightly used one and projector for the main time then I can bring them when I will be back on May 5.

I open this problem to Coying already as what Ate Shirley told me. But I think it is appropriate if the message will come from you after I give my testimony. Imagine after just a week of witnessing we can produce 3 or more core member who already accepted True Parents as the messiah.

Still 10 or more to be educated in a series type of education. Members are revived again and pledge to be more active from this time on.

Kuya I really don't want to send this to you because I know you also in hard time in Japan. But if many will know about the initiative of this witnessing mobilization from 2010-2012, then maybe brothers and sisters want to become a part of this effort through their own little ways to support the TOPP, then we can become all owners of Cheon Il Guk in the Phil.

May Sato

TOPP staff (True Owners of Phil. Prov.) 

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