The Words of the Sato Family

Testimony To Heung Jin Nim

Naomi Sato
June 8, 2005
North London, England

My daughter Ikki is in the middle of her GCSE exams right now. At the end of May I decided - based on my very positive experience with the wish papers this time- to ask Heung Jin Nim for help with my daughter's exams. I prayed in front of his picture, and as I poured out my heart to him his picture began to change. He seemed to be seriously listening. Then he started to smile. During my prayer I felt I should be quiet, as I had the impression that HJN was trying to tell me something.

While I listened he asked me to tell all the parents how desperate he is to see the blessed children succeed in their exams. He said it is like a locked door that he cannot open. And the key to open the door, so that he can enter the hearts and minds of the blessed children, is our asking him, inviting him. If we ask and invite him, this is like a permission, and it opens the way for him and good spirit world to come down.

This promted a question in me: How are the blessed children so different from us?

Before I could even ask HJN this question the answer came straight at me:

"Compared to the blessed children we are like rubbish and as rubbish we cannot see their purity and value."

In my head I heard him crying tears of frustration. He cannot help our children if we do not ask him.

I put Ikki`s exams in front of him, together with the grades she wants to get. I have the absolute conviction that he will help.

Don't ask him for selfish things, but tell him what is in your heart. He absolutely will listen.

Your sister Naomi Sato
North London

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