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Unification Church Sponsored Marriage Centers

Steve Salowsky
June 27, 2001

The leaders and members of the UC praise marriage and do strongly try to follow their commitments for marriage. We stress that people should marry and never divorce, but only stress it on a personal basis (one to one) or from time to time during large gatherings (IE tours, marches etc..). Yet there are no constant support or learning centers that have been formally incepted by the crusaders of marriage.

While driving on a local street today, I saw a new neighborhood establishment, the "gay and lesbian center of Queens". After seeing that, I began to count the number of churches along that street for 15 blocks, the number was 12. Still all those churches are divided and from past conversations the members of those churches don't talk highly of one another. This is an example in my area, but could be one of any part of the US.

If the homosexual community is organized enough to create a center for fellowship, education and promotion of the gay lifestyle, then local "unificationists" should try to become "unified" enough to rally up the local clergy (or any religious leaders) and pro family supporters.

This does not have to be a Unification church project, but an interfaith one. Not one religious belief should be taught, but True Family values should be the topic. Such centers should be a place that strong families can coach struggling families. Local or guest preachers ( i.e. Milingo, Stallings) and leaders should be invited to give talks to the people in the area.

Funding to set up such a center could first come from local members and churches (usually a store front costs about $1,000 for rent) but later shift to Pres. Bush's faith based policies and funding. This would be a great way for people to meet with the same values, educate, combat homosexuality (especially if such marriage centers are located near homosexual centers.) and spread the values of the True Family.


Steve Salowsky

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