The Words of the Salinas Family

"You Will Know the Tree by Its Fruits"

Mario Salinas
September 10, 2000

Honduras has received a lot of help from other countries like Japan, Korea, Europe and United States and many members around the world just by the personal help given by those who have heard from Rev. Moon saying go to another country, leave your own family and live and die for families of a nation, color, and language not of yours. Even though some others are physically moving with their families and many fight in their hearts to do so as soon as possible. These people are really good example of dedication to a poor country following True Parents words. You know I'm sure that my country is receiving Millions of millions of dollars from the rich countries of the world but it has not made any good because that is money without moral and without spirit.

If I would expect that the UC is going to solve the problems of the poor with money then I better move to another economically stronger organization.

You know what is the good of my country by receiving a lot of help from countries, like USA, Germany, England or any other or even UN is that with that money for any project it goes to External debts and we must pay salaries of kings to the international workers, pay the house for his family, security, cars, and many others privileges very far from the people they say is going to be help.

What I believe is that in the international view countries like those of Latin America and Africa are the relievers of the soul of the rich good-doer countries that need the beggar in the street to make them feel well.

With the Unification Church I have learned to live with much more dignity I don't want to be the beggar of the sidewalk to release the soul of nobody. And I don't want that for my family, and my country.

Yes I understand your heart about the poor, but remember you come from a rich country with a lot of comfort and you want to give the lot that you have just be sure you do that respecting the receiver dignity and I hope you can find a receiver with dignity otherwise you will be just another with another broken heart coming to the conclusion that to be good is not enough but you need to be true. Of course in the UC there are a lot of people who abuses the money Young Jin Nim advised Father that not all the people that is always around him are really public.

As I use to tell to my students in my job: "care about your personal accomplishment and don't tell me what others are not doing because that I already know"

Recently Father said if the developed nations become poor for giving everything to a poor country is the only chance for peace and blessing.

By the way, it was God who killed that couple who sold their land for the Christian community and they saved something for themselves. Acts 5.

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