The Words of the Sabo Family

Absolute Focus on True Parents

Tiffany Sabo Labroy
June 2, 2006

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your hard work and investment on the frontline. I hope everyone is having amazing experiences connecting to True Parents during this 7 days challenge condition. I wanted to share with you an experience I had yesterday.

Yesterday in our morning prayer I was asking Heavenly Father how can I connect to True Parents today.

I knew Andrea and I were going to have one small town to fundraise in most of the day. I felt I really want to bring victory in this town. So I had this inspiration "this town is True Parents' town. They wish they could be here right now but they couldn't make it so they sent me. I am not here for myself I am here on behalf of True Parents.

When I love these people I have to love them as True Parents would; they wish so much that they could talk to and love each person. I left the van feeling that I really had to take care of this town, True Parents are counting on me and trusting me, I am representing them. Each door I opened I reminded myself I am going in for True Parents and when I approached each person I didn't talk too much. In my head I was screaming "its for TPs, TPs, TPs, TPs, TPs, TPs! Please help TPs. Ahhhh TPs TPs TPs... I could see how much the spirit world could move through this absolute focus. I could feel so close to True Parents and I felt I could talk to people not with my own, shallow love, but really on behalf of True Parents.

Through this experience I came to believe that because I made extreme effort to connect to True Parents, I as able to bring external victory for True Parents, breaking my run record. I want to deeply thank Heavenly Father and True Parents for giving this amazing experience. I hope it brings you all inspiration and encouragement to keep fighting keep challenging; there is so much work that remains to be done!

Thank you so much, Tiffany

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