The Words of the Sa Family

Providential Formula Course

President Kwang-Kee Sa
European Leaders' Meeting
Rab, Croatia
July 12, 1998

A few years ago, Father declared that from now on we should call God "True God" not just "God". Why did Father say this? Because Heavenly Father (God) could not become a True God without humankind. God created humankind as His children, but they fell. Therefore Heavenly Father could not work or function as a real God. He could not work as a True God. God had no power in the past. God had to sacrifice all of the saints and sages who were ready to give their lives for His providence. God could not judge people who were against Him. This is why people are not afraid of God. People are afraid of money, they are afraid of the government and many other things, but they are not afraid of God.

Everyone is afraid of a tiger, but no one is afraid of a paper tiger. it is the same with God. God was like a paper tiger. He looked very dangerous, but in reality He was powerless, therefore people did not respect Him. In 1989 True Parents made the Pal Chung Sik (eight stage) ceremony in Kodiak, Alaska. This was a very significant ceremony. Father had to pass through eight levels both vertically and horizontally. Finally Father could liberate God. This means that for this first time in history Heavenly Father could have an object who He could freely love without any problems, without any interference. This means that True Parents could stand in a position that is absolutely separate from Satan. therefore, True Parents could stand in front of God without Satan's accusation for the first time in human history. True Parents could say to God, "We are ready to be loved by you, without any problems." Through the Pal Chung Sik ceremony, even God could be liberated. Father has continued to build upon his foundation in many ways so that he could finally declare God as a True God. If you really understand the meaning of "True God" you will understand that what has happened is really incredible. In other words, True Parents have made it possible for God to really work as a real God. Heavenly Father can now start to work; He is liberated and free to work for His providence.

What happened after the successful completion of the Pal Chung Sik ceremony in 1989? A few months later the Berlin Wall completely collapsed and the iron curtain was finished. Even the Soviet Union crumbled. In the past, nobody could believe that such things would take place. I remember when I made the Berlin CARP convention there was an Italian artist who made a beautiful tapestry showing God's hand destroying the Berlin Wall. We have to understand that the destruction of the Berlin Wall was impossible without the intervention of God's hand. No one could have imagined the things that took place immediately after the Pal Chung Sik ceremony. For this reason, many historians and some commentators say that there have been several incredible things taking place at the end of this century, which nobody could have imagined in the past.

In a sense you can see how things have developed. We are now talking about the 360 million couples' Blessing. We could never imagine that we would be doing such things even just a few years ago. Still we had the desire to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth together with True Parents, but the events of the past few years have gone completely beyond our imagination. Because of the incredible numbers of Pre-Blessings which are now taking place, we can somehow imagine that it is possible to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven of Earth, eliminate the Satanic blood lineage and successfully conclude our True Parents' Messianic mission within just a few years.

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