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European Changes

Kwang-Kee Sa
February 5, 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters

How are you? I hope you all returned safely to your countries. I believe our meeting in Schmitten was very fruitful. We could reorganize our European movement and make clear plans for True Mother's European tour. I also had the opportunity to convey my vision for the future development of the European continent, based on the latest providence and our current realities. In addition, we could receive good guidance from our elder brother Reverend Zin-Moon Kim. I would like to summarize the main conclusions reached through our meeting:

General directions for Europe

Due to the mobilization of the Korean national messiahs, who had occupied the role of overall leadership of the nation, this mission returns to the national leaders. Therefore, the European leadership will be more centered on native leaders. Once the providential direction is known, it should be followed by the nations in a spirit of initiative and with a sense of ownership. National goals should be decided more by the nations themselves. Nations should work voluntarily, that is, without waiting to be pushed or persuaded from a higher level. For example, you should not need to be pushed by European HQ to prepare workshops to witness to new members, prepare a Hoon Dok Hae seminar, or to constant work to lift True Parents' entry ban. Furthermore, in order to develop, our organization needs constant communication on and between all levels, which means reporting and sharing. As True Father has said, the Kingdom of Heaven is the place of reporting to one another.

New structure for the European movement

Structure outline

European president - European vice-president and 5 regional leaders - 35 national leaders - National CARP presidents as deputies to the national leaders.

Mission of regional leaders

The regional leader's mission is to support the continental director by conveying his heart and ideas for the European movement to the membership. In such a mediator role he can also convey the ideas and opinions of national leaders to the continental director.

Role of national messiahs

The Korean national messiahs, who have all been mobilized to Korea, and the Japanese national messiahs, who have been mobilized to the Pantanal and Japan, while retaining their positions as honorary national messiahs, no longer hold decision-making powers in their nations. This was clarified by True Parents and Reverend Kwak. Abel and Cain national messiahs have decision-making power only to the extent that they have a clear mission within the regional or national structure, for example as regional leader, national leader, CARP leader, blessed family department leader, witnessing leader, and so on.

New personnel appointments

Please see separate "Personnel Update", which is a monthly report on personnel changes in Europe, sent by European HQ.

True Mother's European Tour

Providential significance

True Mother's tour opens up the cosmic providence after the victories of the cosmic blessings, meaning the blessing of the physical worlds and spirit worlds. The cosmic providence will be the providence to resolve the complicated problems of the spirit world. In addition, through the tour, True Parents once again set an example of hard work, which we should imitate, to bring God's love and truth to mankind, especially in order to begin a new forty-year course. A third meaning of True Mother's tour is to increase True Mother's own foundation by connecting with mankind and gaining fame and recognition. Fourthly, as you know, True Father has a plan to mobilize sisters, so he is showing his heart by mobilizing True Mother first.

Dates and host cities

20th May Saturday London - Great Britain
21st May Sunday Edinburgh - Great Britain
22nd May Monday Birmingham - Great Britain
23rd May Tuesday Copenhagen - Denmark
24th May Wednesday The Hague - The Netherlands
25th May Thursday ??? - Switzerland
26th May Friday Tirana - Albania
27th May Saturday Bucharest - Romania

Mobilisation and financial support

London, Edinburgh, Birmingham: Britain, Ireland, Iceland, northern France, Portugal, Spain Copenhagen: Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland The Hague: Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg Geneva: Southern France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Liechtenstein Tirana: Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia Bucharest: Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia

The standard of financial contribution:

Western Europe: 500 DM per family or person

Eastern Europe: 300 DM per family or person

Guidelines for preparing True Mother's speaking events

A new guidebook is being prepared in the USA and will be e-mailed to you as soon as we receive it. Please continue to prepare based on the previous guidance and your experience. Consult with your regional leaders and European HQ if you have any questions. European HQ will soon send out a letter with more details.

Role of International IW's

It is an advantage to have an international IW for Europe because Reverend Kim can visit many nations in a mediator position and can share freely with True Parents in detail. For their part, members should also feel free to share anything with him if it would help national or family situations. We are presently preparing Reverend Kim's visiting schedule, but if you would like him to visit your nation, we will of course consider your request.


True Parents have said that all activities of the Unification movement should be centered on CARP. Together with the European CARP President Mark Bramwell, I have appointed 26 national CARP presidents and will appoint the remaining 9 as soon as possible. All European members should support the development of CARP with their whole hearts from now on.

The European pure love tour has been cancelled due to the current lack of foundation of the CARP movement in Europe. Hyun Jin Nim would prefer to build a stronger foundation of membership in CARP before taking on large-scale projects. However, nations will continue to organize their own pure love activities, according to True Parents' guidance. For example, CARP will organize rallies in London on 2nd and 3rd August and in Warsaw on 8th August (date provisional). Over 200 members, mostly from the European second generation, will be mobilized for these rallies.

I agree with the conclusions reached through the European CARP leaders' meeting on Sunday that the focus of European CARP this year should be on training CARP members to fulfill CARP's main responsibility, which is to bring new young members into our movement. A provisional date for such a training workshop is 11th - 17th August. It is hoped that Hyun Jin Nim will attend this event. European CARP will soon send out full details of the European level activities.

National Hoon Dok Hae Seminars

These seminars are a beautiful experience for VIPs. VIPs give an excellent response to True Father's words due to their responsibilities and life experiences. VIPs who attend a Hoon Dok Hae seminar generally become very close to us and are willing to help our movement. Your seminar need be neither complicated nor expensive and can be a one-day event, inviting VIPs from the capital city in order to avoid high travel costs. You need to prepare good commentators. We have many excellent UTS graduates, regional leaders and national leaders in Europe who can help with the commentary. Mark Bramwell can also assist you if you require any other help. Those nations which have not yet fixed a date for their seminar should please do so and inform European HQ.

Schengen Committee

A European committee will be formed with the purpose of intensifying the work to lift True Parents' entry ban to countries belonging to the Schengen Treaty association. It is a first priority to lift the ban on True Parents' entry to any countries. I think you will agree that it will be an eternal shame for any country to have banned True Parents from entering. The longer the ban, the greater will be the shame.

Let us have great success in our work to prepare for True Mother's visit. Let us comfort the heart of God and True Parents by giving True Mother a big welcome and preparing as many people as possible to meet their True Mother.

May God guide you in the coming days

President Kwang Kee Sa

Personnel Announcements - May 2000

European IW: Rev. Zin Moon Kim
European Vice-President: Mark Bramwell (replaces Rev. Yong-Tae Choi)
European CARP Vice-President: Ayai Rai

Regional Leaders

Central Regional Leader: Peter Z^hrer
East Regional Leader: Duk-Bong Chang
North ñ Scandinavian Regional Leader: Tim Read
West - South Regional Leader: Heiner Handschin
Balkan ñ Adria Regional Leader: Giuseppe Cali

(Please note that the regional structure remains the same. Three of the five regional leaders will take care for two regions at the same time)

National Leaders

Italy: Giuseppe Bellabarba (replaces Giuseppe Cali)
Austria: Peter Z^hrer (replaces Wolfgang Czerny)
Croatia: Kronuslav Petric (replaces Anto Tomas)
Slovenia: Radoslav Irgl (replaces Peter Zöhrer)
Luxembourg: John OíConnor
National CARP Leaders
Germany: Geros Kunkel
Austria: Wolfgang Czerny
Belgium: Yvo Bruffaets
Liechtenstein: Johann Amann
Poland: Piotr Zeyer
Hungary: Gyorgy Kozma
Czech Republic: Petra Polednikova
Slovakia: Sylvia Vacvalova
Great Britain Simon Cooper
The Netherlands Stephan van Winden
Ireland Colm O'Cionnaith
Finland Kee-Chul Kim
Denmark Lars Bruun De Neergaard
France Remy Vollmer
Portugal Paulo Nunes
Spain Antonio Fernandez
Italy Won-Seok Song
Switzerland Michel Reymond
Albania Gani Rroshi
Romania Dan Gabriel Gaina
Greece Benjamin Nzazi
Bulgaria Tinko Tinev
Macedonia Dushan Bocevski
Croatia Anto Tomas
Slovenia Miha Kitic
Bosnia Herzegovina Damir Cobelic 

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