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UPF Ambassadors for Peace – Good Practice Testimonies

Marek Rudnik
February 2006
Poland – UPF Exhibition

The idea of the exhibition comes to us before the particular occasion. We where planning to organize it for the end of the 40 days summer witnessing condition, but at that time it was finally not done.

One of the main point was to find the location. With the Heavenly support we could do it within one day. That was the very center of the city in line between old and a new towns in the restaurant very old and famous with name "Nowy Swiat" which means the new world.

The 20 plus panels were dedicated to IIFWP with a lot of photos of the different pilgrimages to the Holy Land, as well as of IIFWP conferences in Poland. So the guests could see the national and the world level range of IIFWP activities. Members brought their guests from the street to this beautiful hall; such historical hall where we could feel the presence of the past aristocracy of Warsaw. The intellect of the guests was touched by what they saw and heard connected to the panels. Each guest was explain by some member about the panel content – all panels curs take about 30 min.

Then we took them to the next room where they could watch an 8mns film about IIFWP activities, mostly in the Holy Land. Emotions were touched there, plus they received Holy Juice, which connected them spiritually to True Parents.

On that foundation they came and sat at the table where someone would introduce them to the concept of Peace Ambassador and would encourage them to sign to become one. Most of the time the people who brought them from the street could not speak polish but they stayed around praying, as a Polish member would take care of them.

Each day there where 2 lectures provided at 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Each time there were about 5 to 15 people. On Saturday there was 3 lectures seminar with participation of about 30 people.

a) Result. The exhibition was for 14 days. Each day about 150 – 235 gests where visiting the hall and going trough all the panels. Each day there was from 20 plus to 70 plus new AfP appointments. Some of the new AfP where broth by older AfP. Trough all the 14 days new 460 AfP was appointed. The goal was to achieve such number, therefore we where giving this title to the every person who was wiling to got it. The guest was mainly from the street, but also from NGOs and various organizations invited by mails. At least 1/3 of those AfP are holding some society position. During leading the guest trough the panels there where good possibility to get information about each person, to see they reactions and opinions. There are also some famous movie actor, 3 parliament members, and many scholars.

b) What was done with them? On 18 of Nov. we invited part of them for one-day seminar with 3 lectures of Dp and TP live. There was so good response. 40 of them participated in it.

On 28 Dec. one more conference, about 30 come. We did not time in all the mobilisation to do more.

On the eve of God’s Day around 30 of our national membership met and decided to take responsibility for the new AfPs. We made plan to have a conference in Warsaw on Feb. 11, 2006, and in order to invite them successfully we made a national 40 day condition. We divided around 450 names between about 30 volunteer brothers/sisters from around the nation who are now doing HDH and prayer conditions as well as calling them.

c) Testimonies:

1) Our most dedicated blessed AfP who cares for hundreds of homeless people in Warsaw brought more than 20 of some of the people who work with and for her. She made a special ceremony in which she anointed them as AfPs, giving them public recognition. Many tears were flowing. One of her friends there is the first lady of a major city around our capital.

2) One elder German brother brought an elder couple to the exhibition; after going through all the panels the elder Polish lady said," I am happy that you, a German, came to my country to tell us about this organization. I was in a Nazi camp, and could survive, but all my family died. Because you came from Germany to tell me about this I will attend the event" She registered for True Parents’ event and signed to be AfP.

3) One elder couple was going around the panels; they stopped at one photo of IIFWP Poland, "This is our friend!!" One of their friends, a professor, like them, has been a long time dedicated AfP in Warsaw. They were very inspired and both signed to be AfPs as well.

4) Our 78 year old Polish elder brother was all day at the exhibition taking care of the grandmas and grandpas, listening to them, explaining, sometimes bending himself all the way down to be on their level. Through him many people signed. d) It is clear that the result we could achieve was not only due to the exhibition itself, even though it was a great asset and the particular historical hall and location as well.

The victory was won internally; 500 was the external proof. How was it won internally? A few points:

* It came on the foundation of our united victory in the summer 40-day WT condition that we did to unite with True Parents.

* True Parents were coming to our nation after 10 years; we wanted to express our love and gratitude to them through fulfilling the goal they had given us. I would say this was the most decisive condition for our victory. Everything else came as a consequence of our internal drive.

* Very strong foundation of substance on many levels: key leaders with Pres Song, mobilized members with united National Leaders of Poland and Germany, deep love between younger national leader and elder IIWPU leader, many elder German members who came with the attitude to indemnify the past aggressive history of their nation, and worked and prayed non-stop, former international leaders of PL came back to support, quite a few Japanese missionaries who also invested money, hard work and tears, many PL members living abroad came and invested all their hearts, most PL members sacrificed their chance of having their own guests in order to help foreign members who did not know polish, 18 STF united with their elders and showed the determination of the 2nd G on the frontline, HARP became babysitters so mothers could go on the street too.

The exhibition was really good opportunity for many existing AfP to make real witnessing. In one of the conference concluding the year 2005 the AfP where very inspired by making more often this event and they said that is so good way to spread the vision of True Parents.

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