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Join Simon and Ashley on the Pilgrim's Way

Simon Rosselli
October 1, 2011

Dear All,

I've been persuaded, had my arm twisted (conned) by Ashley to join him walking along the Pilgrims Way (from Winchester to Canterbury Cathedrals – 140 miles cross country) in aid of the Destiny Junior School in Uganda.

As my sole amount of exercise (for the last few years) has been walking the dog for about 15 minutes in the morning and evening this will be a major shock to the system. We will be setting off on the 3rd of October from Winchester Cathedral and update you as we go along. If you wish to walk with us, even for a day please feel free to give me a call to find out where we are etc.

You can also raise money for a charity that is close to your heart.

Destiny Junior School was started by a couple who wanted to give the local children a chance to read and write. They opened up their house and started it in their living room. Since then, through various initiatives they have brought some land and now built a school, with four classrooms – however at present it has no floor, windows, plaster on the walls or doors. Hopefully we can raise some money to help towards finishing the project. Because of the droughts in Africa the well dried up and the children basically had to help their families bring water from a well over two miles away (which meant they couldn't come to school). Now it's raining nonstop but while this means that although they don't have to fetch water anymore and are back in school, all the mosquitoes and bugs come into the school to escape the rain. It currently has about 70 students. Despite these desperate circumstances, with the children sitting on dirt floors, because of the dedication of the staff and teachers they came 6th out of around a thousand schools in the greater Kampala region for academic achievement.

...the mountains must be metaphorical...

As for accommodation we will be brings just a sleeping bag and relying on faith and peoples good will (especially if it rains) by knocking on some doors and asking if they have an outhouse or a barn we can sleep in. We plan to start each day about 6 am (probably earlier if we are cold and wet) and walk for about 12 hours a day. If you would like to support in any way please send a check to Simon Rosselli or go to the website and donate by PayPal or credit card. If nothing else I'm sure it will be a bit of an adventure.

I've now got as far as getting some walking shoes for the journey!! On my return (if I return) I will let you all know how I got on. Will try to update you each day via a blog as to how we're getting on. Thanks for reading this. 

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