The Words of the Rosselli Family

A Magical Experience

Simon Rosselli
June 2006

Recently Father called members from around the world to come to Alaska to make conditions for his world speaking tour. When I first heard about it my initial reaction was "Yes, I will go" but then I found out details - cost, travel, time away, etc and by the evening I had found more and more reasons not to go. I called my Pastor and told him I had 100 reasons not to go and only one to go and therefore I would be on the plane the next day. I also happened to meet President Song at a meeting and being a professional magician he asked me to bring everything I have, as he would introduce me to perform to True Parents.

I brought as much as I could fit into one suitcase (I had to leave my sawing in half box and other stage props behind) and about 36 hours later landed in Kodiak. I was asked to be ready the first night I arrived but nothing happened and the next but again nothing happened. I offered it up that if it was not to be, then it was not to be, but if it happened - then I would be ready.

A few days went by and then we were asked to put on an event at our local restaurant in which we invited guests to attend, with a buffet dinner and an introduction to The Divine Principle and Fatherís life. Over 40 guests came but things got changed even as the event took place and instead of eating first the guests heard the introduction and then ate. By this time it was 8 pm and they had been invited to dine at 6 pm. I was meant to be first in the entertainment and ended up coming on at 8.30 pm. However the spirit was there and the guests really entered into the spirit of things and I basically finished to a standing ovation. I think some of the leaders were surprised by the performance and Dr. Yang said that if he had known he would have put me on the program.

A few days later at the celebration to say farewell to T.Pís asked by Dr. Yang to get ready. I only had a few minutes to prepare and then found out I was basically to be the only entertainment. Suddenly there I was, in front of True Parents wondering how I was going to play the situation. I had thought about it long and hard since I arrived and decided that if I found myself in this position, I would really be a child in front of them. After all they are parents, we are children. A child would have no concepts, no inhibitions, no reservations but whose main purpose or motivation would be to bring joy to their parents. However I had no idea how it would be received, cultural difference, language, humor etc and therefore, if I felt it was too much I would back off and respect their space.

I wanted to break the ice and as I stood there in front of them I made a comment that although I have performed many times "tonight I was nervous". I then started with a few card tricks asking Father to choose a card. I then held Fathers finger, studied it and said that as we all have unique finger prints and I would find his card through his finger print. I then got him to sign it and ripped it up and then by magic put it back together again. I then asked mother to sign a card and then made if fly in front of her eyes. By then I had both their signatures signed on cards and made a joke to this effect. Both were really laughing and really entered into the spirit of things.

At this point I felt I didnít need to hold back anything and really pushed the boat out. The more I gave the more they responded. Holding Motherís hands, rabbits disappeared and then reappeared and then whilst they were together as a family, they multiplied and babies appeared. It was really so wonderful to see them so free and really enjoying themselves. Mother was almost in tears through laughter.

After 15 minutes I felt I was ahead of the game and wanted to quit whilst I was ahead, so I politely bowed and said "thank you very much" but they asked me to continue. I continued for about another 10 minutes and again politely bowed and said, "thank you very much" but as I was leaving Father started speaking in Korean. Dr. Yang translated and said "Father wants you to teach everyone a trick". I didnít want to do this as it takes something away from the magic and dilutes things but how do you decline True Father in a situation like that. I started to make a joke about being expelled from The Magic Circle (the worlds leading magic club) for revealing secrets and politely bowed again but Dr. Yang said "Father said you have to teach everyone a trick" so I said if Father could tell me where the 5 of clubs was after showing him the cards and laying them on the table I would do so. As I put each one down I asked Father what the number was 1, 2, 3 and then I shuffled the last two cards. Father was really watching and determined to win and chose a card but instead of being 1,2,3, 4 & 5 everything was reversed and was 5,4,3,2 and 1 and seen that he had be fooled, laughed and let me leave. Dr. Yang however was determined to find out and said again "Father said" and he wanted to know about a rope trick, which when I cut three times, had come back together but when he cut the rope, it fell to pieces. I said he had already demonstrated how to do this and the whole room with True Parents burst out laughing. I then bowed again and was finally allowed to leave.

Peter Kim then asked me for my business card which when I gave it too him burst into flames, again more laughter and he said he would invite me for one of the future Holy Days. Then Mother came up to sing and said before she started "I wish the Magician would do some magic on my voice so I can sing well for you" and when Father spoke to us, every ten minutes he kept asking "Where is the Magician - whatís your name?" and then talking about magic and whether it was real or not, how True Parents were real but he wasnít sure about magic anymore. I could see that from this feedback I had really touched their hearts and left a mark on them.

Afterwards I was talking to a Korean leader who said that Koreans and Japanese could never have done that and in all his time in the church he had never seen anything like that. At first I thought he was talking about the magic and replied that in The Magic Circle I know some very talented Korean and Japanese magicians but he explained he was talking about how close, up front and personal I was with True Parents (as I had been holding their hands, looking at FatherĎs fingers etc). I explained that when Father gives us a direction it can be taken as a commander giving orders to his soldiers but this is not the relationship I feel we should have with them, as above all else they are our parents and therefore when we do things and overcome various challenges, we should do it to bring them joy and happiness just as child does everything to bring joy to their parents. This should be the secret to that relationship, a parent/child relationship.

Knowing the path they have trodden for us, it was truly wonderful to be able to bring them so much joy, happiness and laughter and to really touch their hearts.

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