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Balloon Race Results -- Lancaster Gate Façade

Simon Roselli
December 12, 2010

Pastor Hyung Jin Moon and his wife Yeon Ah release the balloons

Many thanks to everyone that sold a ticket or bought a ticket as without your help this event could not have taken place. It was great to see the balloons being released by Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim, they went straight over the Holy Tree and up, up and away in the far distance and was a great start to the UK tour. Every time he saw me after that he referred to me as the "Balloon Man".

At present one ticket has come back in and this was posted from Germany (although she was a tourist and found the balloon in Hyde Park!!!!). As yet none of the others have come in and I think that because we put a special gel inside them (to keep them up for longer) and the wind was going due South they have hit the south coast and gone on further out to sea. If no more come in we will put our hand into the tickets and do two lucky dips. Will keep you posted.

I would like to add special thanks to all the second generation who spent over 3 hours pumping up the balloons and putting labels on in Lancaster Gate before we moved to Hyde Park. Also to S. London which raised about £350, Margaret Ali who through her contacts was able to raise over £150 and to Yew Leng in Malaysia who bought 50 tickets (£100 donation)

In total we raised over £900 and with various costs deducted (£200 for balloons, gas, tickets etc) our total profit for this fundraising event was just over £700. This money will go towards the repair work need to the façade at Lancaster Gate. There is also quite a lot of work that needs to be done at the back of the building which will unfortunately add to the costs. At present we are preparing a document so that we can go out to tender and then we will be able to see really what figures we are dealing with. We now have a dedicated account for this project (No. 29 Building Fund) and this is where all the donations that come in for this project will go.

The winner was Matthew De Souza and second place was Hannah Huish. Both will receive a copy of Father Autobiography signed by Hyung Jin Nim and a Marble Vase. 

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