The Words of the Rosenbaum Family

Love is All-Important

Paul Rosenbaum
May 8, 1999

Yes, LOVE is all-important, and perfection, which is a term that I don't like because it gives an incomplete description of the state we are talking about, which is completion. Still, I believe completion kind of translates or connects to DIRECT DOMINION. Anyway, we are all talking about something we are only getting glimpses of in our real time real lives.

I think that what you said was truly profound as has important implications. If we focus on refining our love as we fulfill our responsibilities to our family and our community and nation and world, then completion should be a natural outgrowth of this, as long as we remain faithful and obedient to God and Our True Parents and of course, our conscience. This last point is sometimes a stickler for all of us, because different cultures have different standards of conscience. As long as we remain in friendly dialogue with each other, I don't know why we can't continue to learn from each other. Communicating should help us understand each other better. As long as we leave our egos and messiah complexes at the door, hanging on the hook, when we come into the House Of God, we should be able to share deeply with each other. Don't forget -- what you may be able to solve in your life of faith may be what I'm struggling with and what I've solved in my life of faith may be what you need help with, so lets all respect each other more so that we can, as a True Family help each other. I'm not saying this to you to be preaching, I'm just saying it because I feel that at this time in history this is where we are located.

Father has been talking about different nations having different responsibilities, i.e. Korea is Father, of course, and Japan as Mother, and America as eldest son position, and their are other nations with other responsibilities, but my understanding is that, since we are not perfect yet, in the sense that perfection means not making mistakes of the heart, we need each other, so that all members of the family can as a family all fulfill their responsibilities. Then the family, as a whole, will be able to enjoy life in the warm and nurturing environment of God's garden.

What happens, sometimes, is that we become so used to these ideas that we don't look at them with the fresh heart that we had when we were new members. God's Will has not changed, God has not changed, but we, sometimes due to the pain of not seeing things progress as fast as we want them to, maybe we become cynical, due to experiencing a lot of persecution or misunderstanding or even negativity from the past, and then we also experience pain due to our inability to tie all these things into a cohesive whole and move forward, digesting them, as Father has. Then, I think we experience a separation from where Father is at. He believes that we can do it, and keeps his energy level high, because he knows it is possible. We, however start to look around and criticize this and that, maybe we're not treated with respect or maybe we get used and abused, and we get a hard shell, and cut off emotionally etc., etc., Maybe we still go on, but somehow, it's not the same. In any event, what's happened is that we've taken our focus off God and put it on something earthly- in ourselves, in other people, whatever. Maybe we get disappointed because we're not making as much money as we think we need and should have, whatever it is -- it is something that takes us away from the fundamental principle that we should check on every day, and that is I am God's Son -- or I am God's Daughter. What do you want me to be doing to help you today, Father?

So, from that place, I think, we can always start over and get back to where we need to be to grow properly. If that is what perfection is about, then I guess that is what it means to be perfect. To be One with your Heavenly Father. To be able to sense what's on His mind, just as easily as He can sense what's on your mind. That is what Satan doesn't want us to be able to do, because that is where we, as God's Children start to take Dominion of everything, and yet, there still must be a part of Lucifer that needs to be able to relate to Adam and Eve in that way. In that sense even Satan must eventually lead people back to God, as the Principle states, because even the angels cannot be perfected unless man achieves his perfection first, and takes God's position as the Center of the Universe, both physical and spiritual worlds.

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