The Words of the Rosenbaum Family

Remember God's Heart

Paul Rosenbaum
December 18, 1999

Yesterday, my wife and I met, as a Blessed couple with Rev. Yong, who is helping to coordinate Hoon Dok Hae and community meetings here in the DC area. It was a beautiful experience, and I felt his deep and strong heart of desire to comfort God and the Blessed Couples and Families in this community. One of the main points he stressed in his sharing with me is that the reason so many members become overwhelmed and stuck in the "worldly culture" all around us is because we haven't yet established the culture of the heart that Father is living in and that will be the everyday reality of the real KOH. The reason we haven't accomplished this he explained was because many members although focused on True Parents, are not really understanding and experiencing the Heart of God in their daily life and family experience. The starting point for many of us to experience this, he explained is in doing Hoon Dok Hae, as a family, each day. He also has a public Hoon Dok Hae that starts at 5:00 am at the CARP center where he is staying, along with so many of the Japanese sisters who are working in this Maryland area. He coordinates that every day. He is now starting another one on Fridays at 8:30 pm for members, who can come in the evening.

Rev. Yong is the National Messiah for Dominica, and is here at Father's request to help bring this unity between Blessed Families and the Blessing Providence at this time, as I understand it. If I am wrong someone please correct me.

I was deeply moved by his connection with God, which I feel is an obvious result of having a deep and constant prayer life with God. I felt an almost immediate love and appreciation coming from his huge heart for e and my wife, and children.

What we really need to nurture and develop, in my opinion is this constant appreciation and remembrance of God. If we become a people that are truly centered on the Heart of God, we will also be the people who can appreciate all kinds of people and all kinds of offerings before God. We will also be the people who can then feel the Heart of God toward all His Children, and quite naturally become the peacemakers who can bring all side together. It is a huge task, but think about this-- if we truly care about one other person more than ourselves, and start from this point to stretch out our hearts day by day, we can begin to embrace the whole world, and those we embrace will multiply that as well. Then together with God, we can actually accomplish this task. Whether people actually believe in Father or not is not the essential point, in my opinion. Our desire to comfort God and the people is the main point, I believe. A world where God and all His children can finally be reconciled will obviously be one that can appreciate and accept Father and all that he has done. 

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