The Words of the Rosenbaum Family

Yeon Jin Nim

Paul Rosenbaum
December 18, 1999

I think that sometimes we all give True Father more of the Total Responsibility for Accomplishing God's Will than we should. Let me explain. I believe that Father inherited the Messianic mission from Jesus and took things from there. He walked that course and had to restore, on many levels what was left from the second Adam's advent. Then he and Mother established the course of the Third Adam and Eve and they fulfilled that substantially through the Blessing, which they also participated in. My understanding of matching and then Blessing was that Father with Mother, because usually in some way she tries to participate by being there to support Father, complete the matching process with regard to picking couples that will not only be able to take responsibility for great restoration with their Blessing, they also pick couples who after overcoming what they need to overcome will "be a Gateway for many to come through". Their overcoming whatever barrier they overcome will allow them to be a natural magnet for people who may want to overcome such barriers in the future and be natural teachers of creating a greater and more complete love in their lives. They are also able to create extremely beautiful children by going this course. This course is an exact reverse process of what Adam and Eve and Lucifer did.

In order for this process to be completely successful, it requires the 100% effort of the couples, as well as True Parents effort, which I am assuming is already on that level, if not beyond it. Father gives us the Blessing, and it is conditional. He has said that hundreds and hundreds of times, if not thousands and thousands of times. What is it conditional upon? It is conditional upon our acceptance of this mission and our fulfillment of it. Father knows what the potential is, but we have to fulfill it, as God's Sons and Daughters. And, as far as that is concerned, that is our sacred responsibility before God, and even Father doesn't interfere with that.

So once again, this is an absolute standard, and Father will not violate that. If he were to always jump in and correct everything, it would be improper. Father is a Parent, and following the way of the True Parent, who is God. God did not intervene in the fall of His precious children in the Garden of Eden, because they had the responsibility to listen to God, the Father's Words and Not Eat of The Fruit. If God were to intervene by stopping Lucifer, or kicking him out, or pulling Eve away from Lucifer or Adam from Eve, when these individuals were falling, God would have been ignoring his own principle and treating his growing children, who were supposed to mature heartistically by themselves, following the Heavenly Law, as toddlers, or kiddies, and not as children who were growing by fulfilling their portion of responsibility. The same I see with Fathers matching of Yeon Jin; even if he could see that there was some relationships started by this young woman, or even if Yeon Jin had fallen before the matching period with someone, how does that stop Father from offering the same Blessing and Responsibility to his own children that he has offered to us. Perhaps God's Hope is that these children will rise to the opportunity and overcome what's happened in the past to make a Love that dwarfs whatever passion they experienced prior to this sacred moment. With God's Help and with a daily effort helped with a strong prayer life, this couple I believe like any couple could have accomplished that. But ultimately, we all have our own responsibility toward God, and no one can do that for us, but ourselves.

It seems to me, it is important to stop laying so much blame for missed opportunities at the feet of True Parents. How are we ever going to become a people that can bring the message of True Parents to a love starved and self centered world, if we don't become True Parents, in some sense ourselves. That means going beyond the standard of people in a fallen world, who are always trying to find who to lay the blame for a crappy situation they find themselves in, rather than doing the Principled thing, which is to say to God, "Thank you for this Blessing. Thank you for giving me this situation. I will do my best to work these things out, with all the resources that you have given me, and I will not fail, Father, you can count on me." Just like Father in prison, when he sad he never complained, never sorrowful with his situation. He was intensely aware of how God felt and therefore he couldn't allow the Father's Heart to grieve still more. This may seem like an impossible task, but it is not. When we can overcome our small petty, selfish, even self protective heart to see the larger picture and take responsibility to love God and God's Children, no matter where they are and no matter where we are, then we move the Heart of God, the Father to tears and we melt the hard, cold calcified heart of our enemies and help to transform them into the hearts of brothers and sisters, who in turn will embrace us in tears.

This is why it is important to participate in the will of God without complaint. It requires deep thought and prayer. When we can do that, we can begin to experience the real reality, the reality behind the false one of this world. That reality is that God loves us so, and is counting on us so and wants to share everything with us. When we realize how precious we are in his site, how can we not feel grateful and joyful to fulfill His Will. We can then also feel the true pride of being of His Lineage.

In my opinion, if more Blessed Couples could experience this reality of God's Love, there would be less couples breaking up and asking for divorce. Of course some have a more difficult task to accomplish than others, and this usually because of ancestral resentment and mistakes in one's immediate familial background, but that is why a sense of community and caring for each other is so important. The larger family can then help to take some of the weight off the shoulders of those whose path is so burdened. But, even then, I believe if someone wants to, they can find the exact conditions that should be made to turn the struggle around. What counts most is our desire. And our understanding and commitment to the task at hand.

Even though True Father can see the emotional and psychological makeup of the people he is matching (at least, I think he can) I believe he overlooks these points in certain situations, based on the great sense of mission and responsibility that is connected with this matching and Blessing. He also gave these individuals an out. If they didn't feel that they could do it, based on previous loves, he said just say so. If an individual doesn't take him up on the offer, is it still True Father's fault? I don't think so. I think he is expecting them to face this situation, acting like adults, and I believe we should face it that way as well. 

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