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Paul Rosenbaum
March 22, 1999

I too, read Nan Sook's book, and although I never worked with Hyo Jin Nim, was familiar with testimonies of members, some whom I knew well, about the difficulty of working around him and keeping purity and righteousness as a standard that was respected and supported.

However, all that said, I think True Father is the one whose gotten a bum deal here. At least in terms of his point of view and testimony being digested and appreciated by members and then figured into the equation. I heard him speak briefly about this matter at East Garden, shortly after the book and the news special had been aired. What I felt was profound respect and pride in Father. I felt that he didn't have to bring this up, and that it probably would have been best not to open "the can of worms." But because he respected us as his friends and confidants on the path of restoration, explained in a very beautiful way, even poetic, how he had been walking the path of the cross of true love his whole life, and how the messiah must restore the relationships that Adam has with his mother, with his sisters and with his wife and with his daughters. That God needs a central figure to restore the tangled web of relationships between man and woman, and that this has been the way than Satan has been pursuing attack on him and the Unification Church from the beginning of it's inception in Korea. He spoke about how women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds were all attracted to him, because of the purity of his love, and that, in fact, as a True Father and a True Brother he had to restore these women and help to purify and liberate them. That was his cross, and that only he could do it.

He said that Nan Sook's life was extremely difficult and lonely, and she eventually became very jealous, in terms of wanting Parent's love. It really sounded a lot like what may have happened to Lucifer in the Garden of Eden, to me. Anyway, he said that in our life of Faith we needed to be like those fish, big fish that just swallow and digest everything that swims around them in the big old dirty river, where they live. Just swallow and digest, just swallow and digest. And aim yourself in God's direction. He said that is always what he did, in terms of media persecution, members leaving, betrayal, going to prison, etc. Do you think that Father enjoys this kind of life? Well, maybe eventually he has come to. I think that it is an acquired taste. But, surely he experiences heart-wrenching pain, still, he doesn't focus on that. He doesn't waste a minute thinking about that. He heads for the Goal, that he has set with God, and whether anyone understands or appreciates or can even make it with him, he goes and goes until he accomplishes that, because he alone is responsible to God, and will never ever let God down.

And then he is responsible to us, as well, because he is the Bridge, and he comes back, back along the narrow and difficult and muddy dirty path, to find us to wipe our brow, to help to dust us off and to point us back in the right direction. Because he is responsible to us, and will never let us down. So whose fault is it, when we lack for motivation, when we get tired, when we lose heart, when we become dry. I really think it's our fault. At least I can see where I've allowed myself to compromise, and not do all that I could do. I can see where I didn't always protect my own faith and nourish it, not only as an individual, but in the family context, too. The great thing is that there is always tomorrow. There is always a new day, and God doesn't count us out, or give up on us. He's waiting for us not to give up on ourselves, and to get to the point that we refuse to give up on each other as well.

With love and prayers ITPN

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