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A Michigan Report: The 4th Annual Ambassador for Peace Golf Tournament

Art Roselle
September 1, 2006

The Ambassadors for Peace project in Michigan has expanded its AFP membership with 12 new appointments in August and 19 in September. AFC of Michigan Director, Art Roselle, and Dr. Safaa Al-Mayahi (longtime Ambassador for Peace) co-hosted the August certificate ceremony on August 13. The new appointees, all dignitaries from the Iraqi community, listened as Art discussed the hopes of the UPF and the Middle East Peace Initiative and elaborated on the philosophy of peace taught by Dr. Moon. The new AFPs, most of whom have directly experienced the Saddam Hussein dictatorship, were intrigued with this vision for peace. Three of the guests- Dr. Mohamad Amara, Dr. Emad Al Kasid and Mrs. Katren Georges, agreed to be on the invitational committee to help with an upcoming AFP campaign in the state.

The AFP program in Michigan has begun a new initiative with an aggressive strategy to have 5 similar events each month, culminating with an AFP banquet on November 10th. The interviews over the last two weeks reveal once again just how "out of the box" the UPF formula for world peace is to some; but once explained, it is invariably warmly received.

The September Ambassadors for Peace banquet was held on Sunday, September 17th from 5-8 PM. The venue was the Islamic House of Wisdom where the good friend of UPF, Imam Elahi (who enjoyed seeing himself in the AFP video) presides. He spoke highly of the founder of the Universal Peace Federation, Dr. Moon, and the work he is doing through the Ambassadors For Peace Initiative The event ended with a nice Middle Eastern meal where a number of testimonies were heard. The 19 new AFP appointments that were acknowledged at this public forum come from a range of professions. There were four members of the media, three medical doctors, four educators and four businessmen. The Michigan AFP program is beginning to gain momentum through receiving such great nominations.

Michigan Holds 4th Annual Ambassador for Peace Golf Tournament Michiganís "Fourth Annual AFP Golf Tournament" attracted forty golfers from six churches, two mosques and several businesses. This year the outing also became an international affair with representatives from Canada, Rev. Mitch Dixon, the national UPF leader, and Don Lalonde, the UPF city leader of Windsor. Some churches sponsored foursomes to represent their church. Notable was Holy Hope Heritage church, under Rev. William Revely. He is an avid golfer who co-hosted the fundraising event.

The setting was outrageously beautiful. The outing was held at the prestigious St. Johnís Golf and Conference Center, which is owned by the Catholic Church. The Golf and Conference Center consists of three 9 hole courses- "Mathew", "Mark" and "Luke". The ministers love it. These saints must have been looking over the shoulder of one of the participants, Father Lawrence Fares, a long time supporter of Ambassadors for Peace activities and quite a good golfer (especially considering he is 82 years old!) The game was scramble, or "best ball", which evens the playing field and helps ensure that everyone will have a good time. There were also prizes for those who demonstrated outstanding ability in the longest drive, straightest drive and closest to the pin. There was even a trophy for the four-some that came in last place. Everyone had a great time. Next yearís Fifth Annual AFP Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 11, 2007.

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