The Words of the Rood Family

Celebrating Our 25th Blessing Anniversary

Chris and Mihoko Rood
July 1, 2007

Mother Nature was at her best July 1st offering clear blue skies, a crisp cool breeze and radiating sunshine as 140 souls of District Six boarded the Goodtime I boat in Sandusky, Ohio. What began six months ago as a get-together for 15 couples evolved into a broader extension of community with couples, Second Generation, and guests participating in the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the 2,075 and 6,000 Couple Blessing.

No one was not smiling as they received colorful leis and crossed the gang-plank to board the Goodtime I for a full day of island hopping, a delicious catered luncheon aboard ship and a chance to be a part of something quite historical. The rocking and rolling of the boat early in the voyage didn't deter young and old alike from having a sincerely happy experience.

The organizers were Chris and Mihoko Rood, BFD representatives, and District Six director Rev. Michael Lamson who proclaimed it the True Love Boat. Rev. Joseph Schrattenecker offered the opening prayer of gratitude to God and True Parents. Celeste Vlasic was the enthusiastic MC for the short program between islands. Chris and Mihoko welcomed everyone and couples cheered when it was announced that this was not a mission but a time to parallel True Father's joy of leaving the land and going out on the water to be one with nature allowing closer communication with God.

Roger and Gwen Bair led a renewal of the Blessing vows on the last leg of the cruise. After the official cake cutting by Rev. and Mrs. Lamson, everyone stuffed themselves with generous portions of a beautiful wedding cake. Collectively, everyone had an uplifting experience that will be remembered and cherished for a long time. It was a time to relax and just love.

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