The Words of the Rogers Family

STF Testimony

Karilee Rogers
November, 2001

Karilee is an 18-year old Second Generation member from North Carolina. Her parents are David and Karen Rogers. She is in her first year of CARPís Special Task Force educational program. This is an excerpt from a testimony she gave in mid-November, 2001 at an MFT workshop in Memphis, Tennessee.

My condition goal was to be consistent and trustworthy to Heavenly Father. In the previous condition, I would be happy on some days and other days I would be depressed. However, I was deeply inspired by the MFT workshop in Denver, and I determined to give my best during this competition.

For the first few weeks, I was going pretty well, but then I started to lose my motivation a little toward the end of the condition. During that time, my captain was really pushing us to help us find why we were out here and why we really wanted to be here. I reminded myself that I came here for God.

For example, I really struggled fundraising to rich people. But I realized that if we judged or had concepts about certain people, God could not work with us; we could block God because of our unprincipled actions. After this point on, I tried to love rich people more than before, making more effort to reach their hearts and to make them feel Godís love.

During this condition, I also learned to love the Divine Principle. I might not have appreciated Godís word before as much as I should. But when I was on the front line living the DP, every sentence seemed so meaningful. Itís an awesome book!

Another breakthrough point was my total focus on the relationship with Heavenly Father. The last day was a very special day for me. I just really wanted to end my condition well, and I made such a strong determination that day. My internal goal was to separate myself from Satan, because before I would always give in to his temptations. I remembered, "If you give your 100% and you still didnít make your goal, you shouldnít have any resentment, for God would absolutely fulfill His 95%."

This day, I had so many experiences when I knew it wasnít me doing all the work. I invited God to come with me on every run, and I just determined to be happy to go fundraising. I knew in the beginning of the day that I could do something so substantial for God. On every run that day I could make my goal. Finally, by the end of the day, I restored $1143!

I hope that I can have the same faith and conviction to jump off that cliff with Heavenly Father and not worry about anything in the next competition as well!

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