The Words of the Rogers Family

Finding The Passion And Fire

Jeremy Rogers
September 27, 2007

Extracts from his testimony at Camp White Eagle, Sept' 27th

In this first 21 days condition one of the words from Hyun Jin Nim that struck me was, "If you want to be a leader you really need to have that passion and desire." It hit me that the reason why I'm here is because of other people my family, elders.

But I didn't really know what was my fire, what was it that I could be passionate about. I didn't have that, but to be a leader you really need to have that inner core. I realized I have to find it or gain it.

I had never understood why my parents did what they do and sacrificed so much; why my dad was totally convicted and dedicated to his mission, even sacrificing his family. So one day when I called my dad I asked, "What makes you keep on going? Why do you sacrifice everything for your whole life and miss so much time with your family."

Then he shared with me that when he received his mission from God he absolutely felt God's love a hundred percent and when he felt this he just went crazy, wanting to do anything for God. That's what we read all the time in Hoon Dok Hae, how we should be.

So my next question was how do you feel God's love? It's through the people. That's why we go out fundraising. It still may not always easy to do, and I didn't meet so many nice people... One day we met this really angry man who blew up at us and followed us around threatening to call the cops. It hit my heart, I didn't know at first but I realized that's what God goes through everyday, no one understands His heart and pain.

God wants to feel you so bad, especially as Second Generation, part of His lineage. But if we don't keep that God-centered mindset God can't dwell in you. Unfortunately so many of us Second Generation don't realize this.

I told my dad about this, and I could understand this is how my dad feels toward God and True Parents, this is his heart. I never knew but, but that made me really feel close to him, even he wasn't around but in that moment I felt closer than ever.

Through my STF experience I'm realizing many things, but the one thing I need to keep is that passion and that fire. You need that to be a leader. It has been a great first 21 days condition and I am looking forward to the rest of the year and realizing God's Heart more deeply.

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