The Words of Peter Kim

 Table of Contents

True Parents in North Korea (November 1991)

New Era Dawning in Korea - Diary of North Korea Trip - Fishers of Men and Dispensational Meaning of Father's Visit to North Korea (Peter Kim and Bo Hi Pak - December 15, 1991 pdf)

Mother's Speaking Tour in Korea (July 26, 1992)

Report on South American Tour (July 8, 1995)

A Lesson from Fishing with True Father (March 1, 1995)

World Speaking Tour 1999 - Travels with True Mother (August, 1999)

True Parents Arrival In Korea (November 1, 2004)

Day of the Victory of Love (Peter Kim and Chun Hwan Kwak - January 2, 2007)

Eye Witness Testimony to Helicopter Crash (July 29, 2008)

Presentation to World National Leaders Assembly (Peter Kim - February 22, 2010)

A Personal Testimony about Peter Kim (Irma Balulot - April 27, 2010)

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