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Interview with Lady Dr. Kim on Homosexuality

September, 1999

The following section is from an interview with Mrs. Shin Wook Kim (Lady Dr. Kim.) She has counseled many members with a variety of problems, including homosexuality.

Q: Some people seem to have been dealing with the homosexual problem since birth, while others have only experienced feelings or situations following a basically heterosexual life-style and thinking. What conditions, in each case, create the base for homosexuality?

A: There are two methods to receive homosexuality. All people receive odd and bad merit from their ancestors. Our ancestors have little choice whether or not merit is transferred to their descendants. When a person with a homosexual history dies, someone within seven generations of descendants will receive that desire and will either overcome the temptation or, if not, add more strength to the temptation.

The other method is when a person doesn't necessarily have any homosexuality in the ancestry, but becomes involved in it. Then it is something like a contagious disease, influencing the spirit world. It is this "spirit world" that makes it common for people with the homosexual orientation to recognize each other almost instantly. In some cases within our church the spiritual influence becomes more intense because of Satan's work through the spirit world.

Q: What conditions can be made to overcome homosexuality?

A: No habit or inherited merit can easily be overcome. It is important to avoid making a base or opportunity for a relationship to happen, such as going to homosexual places, looking at pornography, eye contact on the street, etc. It takes only a small base for temptation to become too great to be overcome.

Because we all have fallen nature, we must not "test" our weak points. In my viewpoint, homosexuality is not equal to the fall because the fall is transferred to children directly whereas a homosexual relationship does not have children as a product of the relationship. However, there are elements transferred between the two individuals involved in a homosexual relationship. In homosexual relations, the problem is a less-direct evil but still children can inherit elements. Homosexuality will not be transferred to the children if a person can totally dis-involve himself from homosexuality. But a person must deal with the problem through- out his or her lifetime and resist the temptation over a period of time, blocking Satan's ability to influence, like building up a muscle against that vulnerability.

Q: Are we involving the restoration of the angelic realm when we deal with homosexuality?

A: The angels did not have homosexual relationships originally, but since Lucifer and one third of the angelic realm fell under him, the result of the fall was the multiplication of evil and all kinds of perversions of the ideal. Fallen nature became so uncontrollable that it tried to multiply itself in every direction: incest, sex with animals, homosexuality, etc.

Q: Are masturbation and homosexuality related in any way?

A: Masturbation and homosexuality are completely different. Homosexuality and other relationships have give and take with some other being or object. In the Western world, people usually have quite a bit of sexual experience at an early age. When we join the movement, we try to grow spiritually by cutting off from physical desires. But our bodies still produce certain hormones that effect our behavior. We are trying to maintain our bodies to use for God's service in our families later. Masturbation as an alternative to releasing such energy uncontrollably and/or to the detriment of others is certainly the lesser of problems.

However, people who masturbate too much lose their physical energy and weaken the whole system. Over time, many health problems can occur. If this temptation is not overcome, it may cause physical and emotional problems in our marriage relation- ships. With masturbation one must use much discernment and an attitude to overcome it.

Q: Some people who must deal with the homosexual temptation have a very strong revulsion towards the opposite sex. Would you say that this is also caused by the same ancestral influence?

A: The feeling of repulsion by the opposite sex is connected to the desire to have homosexual relations. It is from the same spiritual root. It's most important for people to understand that their homosexuality is not their own evil but is caused by the influence of their ancestors and/or the spirit world. If an individual is willing to make determination to overcome, there is hope.

Q: What attitude should brothers and sisters struggling with homosexuality have as they deal with it? And what suggestions can you give to central figures who desire to encourage members who seek guidance?

A: There must be an attitude of determination to overcome accompanied by actual effort. If a person can fight for a period of three years, doing conditions and making a commitment to their ancestors, it is possible to overcome so that one's children can be free from this influence. Within the Principle, everything can be overcome. Because the ability to deal with the situation depends on a person's faith, I have been in the position to deal with individuals to find out how serious the problem is and how much effort they are willing to make. I can work with individuals to establish a pattern to overcome the problem. A general direction is difficult because each individual's situation is different.

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