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How Many More Holy Offerings Are Necessary?

David Kasbow
November 1, 2009

My dear brothers and sisters,

As it was the death of our Second Generation brother F, Y. that moved me to write this reflection I wanted to add a report about his Seung Hwa Ceremony which was sent out under the reference “F, Y. IS BEAUTIFULLY HONORED AS HE BEGINS HIS NEW LIFE”. Blessed Children testified to him as an embracing and caring true brother, with wonderful internal and external qualities. His pastor said that Fumi had accomplished more in his eighteen years than most people do in a lifespan of eighty!

Exactly 25 years and 10 months after Heung Jin Nim's tragic accident We lost a wonderful true brother in F, here on earth. May we make all the more efforts to become true brothers and sisters ourselves, learning from their example to truly love and embrace others, caring for them with all of our heart and soul.

Sincerely yours,

Nikolaus Beutl

Report by Rev. David Kasbow, Michigan Family Church Pastor:

On Friday, October 23rd, our beloved second-generation brother, F, Y., was walking to class at his school, Ferris State University, located in northeastern Michigan. As he crossed the street through the rain in the early morning, he was hit by a car and passed away a short time later. He was eighteen years old.

Our shocked community pulled together to deal with this tragedy. We are grateful for Rev. David Rendel’s support and help. He came immediately from Chicago to support the family and help in the preparations. Members in Michigan and Chicago began a 24-hour prayer vigil. The usual Friday night youth program at our Michigan Family Church became a time of sharing and support for the Y. family and our second generation.

We planned for the Seung Hwa to be on Sunday evening, a time when most families and youth could attend. To a packed room at the funeral home, fifteen second-generation youth gave incredible testimonies about their deep and often funny experiences with Fumi. They testified to him as being embracing and caring and a "true" brother, with wonderful internal and external qualities.

Our sister, Hiromi Wakabashi, offered a beautiful rendition of a classic Japanese song often sung at funerals entitled, "Do Not Weep at My Grave, I Am Not There". Rev. David Kasbow gave a moving message to relate True Father's education on the meaning of our life course leading to the eternal spirit world and testified that Fumi had accomplished more in his eighteen years than most people do in a lifespan of eighty!

On Monday morning, we gathered at the cemetery for the Won Jeun Ceremony. Fumi's second-generation friends and friends from school served as pallbearers. Guests included a Japanese professor who had Fumi in one of his classes. He explained that students at Ferris State had also conducted a prayer vigil after the accident. The staff at the cemetery was very helpful in supporting a full and beautiful ceremony at the grave site. Afterward, everyone continued to express their love for Fumi long after the end of the ceremony. Then, over one-hundred members and friends gathered for a joyful lunch to celebrate his fruitful though short life.

The Y. family invited church members and friends to join them in celebrating the "Sam Oje" Ceremony on Wednesday, October 28th, the third day after the Won Jeun, by gathering at the grave site for prayers, songs and an offering of food. They are deeply and eternally grateful for everyone's love, prayers and support.

Our community is committed to continually honor F,'s wonderful life through striving to love and support each other more and especially care for our beloved second generation and beyond. 

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