The Words of the Hong Family

True Parents' bottomless sorrow

Yo Jin Hong
January 1, 2010

Sun Myung Moon March 10, 2012

I edit True Father's True God's Day message every year. This True God's Day, however, Father spoke each word filled with such sorrow that I had never experienced in the past True God's Days. Father often shed so much tears while intensely speaking about God's anguish, in such an occasion as when he pleaded for the Unification of North and South Korea at True God's Day 1988. However, those tears were the tears of determination and encouragement, as well as the tears to comfort God, and the tears to express God's anguish. This year, however, I saw Father trying to force his tears back, while biting his lips to endure his unfathomed deep sorrow. I couldn't stand still watching Father being that way in the beginning of this year.

True Father found the truth that "my life, and our life, everything began from God." In his young age Father said, only such people will remain forever. However, Father says, "that has become my enemy." What a situation, what a painful heart if he had to speak like that! He could not do anything as he likes because he had to live publicly as a God's representative, which he had to describe as "The King of beggars." And he asked us why we had come to see such a person. But he said nothing can exist without God, and God's homeland cannot be any other nation other than Korea which started off with God.

When Shin Jun Nim came and said to Father, "Please finish speaking and eat.", then he apologized to his small grandson and whispered to him, "Please forgive me for a few more minutes. If you still say stop, then I will stop." As he asked his grandson to understand him, he said, "I am attending my grandson as God's representative."

I couldn't help feeling that now is the time that we as his children should truly understand the heart and the situation of True Parents so that we would be able to say to them that we will accomplish (God's will) for them, and when I think about truly doing it, I couldn't help feeling that the time is already running out. However, when we celebrated the Day of Victory of Love, True Children in the spirit world who were gathered at the altar already knew this, and thus they walked the course of the representative (of True Parents). Therefore, I was determined to truly become one with True Children on earth, who are also already walking such a course. 

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