The Words of the Hendricks Family

The Relation Between HSA-UWC and FFWPU

HSA-UWC North America Headquarters
4 West 43rd Street
New York, New York 10036
(212) 997-0050
Fax (212) 768-0791
Rev. Joong Hyun Pak, Continental Director
May 18, 1997

TO: Regional Directors, State Leaders
FM: Tyler Hendricks

As you are aware, Father has recently stated that the Unification Church, indeed all religion, has fulfilled its providential role. In that regard, our activities should revolve around the family; hence we are the Family Church. Further, we should work in cooperation with other faith communities and people of good conscience in promoting the family ideal through the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU).

In order to implement Father's profound direction there are a number of legal, public relations and spiritual steps that must be taken with care. As we do so, we make the transition into this new stage of God's providence.

What follows are the initial steps toward the implementation of the FFWPU providence. We ask that each Region assign, one person to study this memo and communicate it to each state in the Region. This person should connect with Andrew Bacus or Kaye Allen at HQ legal affairs.

1. Within our existing HSA-UWC structure we have established a new department called "HSA-UWC Family Church." Henceforth, you may operate your normal and customary spiritual activities under this name. You may create new letterhead and business cards accordingly.

2. In 1994 we set up the FFUWP as a not-for-profit tax exempt organization. We are changing the name of this corporation to FFWPU. That and other legal preparations will be completed within the next three weeks. At that time, the Legal Affairs Office will send out a memo explaining how to set up the FFWPU to operate as a legal entity in your states.

3. The FFWPU is intended to be a religious but non-sectarian membership organization for people of all faiths and good conscience. Non-Unificationists who participate in the Blessing of Marriage will be granted membership in FFWPU.

Blessed Unificationists will also be invited to join the FFWPU. We envision that entire churches and religious faiths will also be able to join the FFWPU.

4. During the period of transition, HSA-UWC leadership will be directly responsible to conduct the activities of the FFWPU. It is perfectly legitimate for an individual to conduct HSA-UWC activities under the name HSA-UWC Family Church and on other occasions to conduct non-HSA, non-sectarian, family-oriented activities under the name of FFWPU. It is important to be clear that one is representing the FFWPU and not the HSA-UWC at such events.

Please establish the FFWPU as a separate entity as soon as possible, with staff, mailing address, phone, fax and bank account. Then you can create FFWPU letterhead, business cards, etc. with this address, phone and fax (not the church"s).

5. You may change whatever existing UC sign you may have in front of your Church building to "HSA-UWC [name of location] Family Church." For example:

Family Church

Please do not place a FFWPU sign on church property. To do so gives the impression that the two organizations are one and the same. When you do establish a separate location for the FFWPU, please advertise its existence with appropriate signs.

6. As to the True Family Values Ministry, it should be identified as a joint project of HSA-UWC Family Church and the FFWPU.

7. As to the Federation to Save the New Nation for World Peace (FSNWP), it should be identified as a project of the FFWPU.

8. As to how FFWPU will receive funds and disburse funds, a memo from the financial office will be forthcoming.

9. Please inform members that HSA-UWC still exists, although it is properly understood as the Seattle Family Church, or New Orleans Family Church, etc.

To make clear: HSA-UWC did not become the FFWPU in any legal or corporate sense. The FFWPU is a separate organization, which is broader and more inclusive than HSA-UWC, and the Family Federation should be the main focus of our investment for the providence of God.

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