The Words of the Fleischman Family

Testimony of Hyun Jin nim's 12 City Tour

Sungil Fleishman
February 22, 2007

Going on this tour with Hyun Jin Nim has been a great privilege and a first of its kind of experience for me. I think the most significant thing I have gained from the tour is a greater understanding and hope in inheriting Hyun Jin Nim's dream and vision, which is True Parents and God's dream also.

I have always heard about what God intended for human beings before, but it was hard for me to see substantially how that vision was coming to reality until hearing and seeing the kind of overwhelming positive response Hyun Jin Nim was getting at each speech from the people, especially from the ministers.

Hyun Jin Nim's message was very simple and clear: We are all "One family under God, Aju!" It was very relatable and applicable for everyone but carried the essence of Father's teaching. For me it helped to create one central focal point where everything we learn in DP lectures and workshops merges. He used several bible quotes and explained it from many different angles, but it always led to One Family under God.

I also feel that I have a much closer and more personal relationship with Hyun Jin Nim and True Parents. I could see his passion and heart and how he is following directly in Father's footsteps through the speeches; and through the Hoon Dok Hae's where he more directly addressed the Blessed central families I could see how deep his heart is for all of the 1st and 2nd generation. I could sense his desire for us 2nd gen to take initiative and take action to bring this world into one world family, and I will try to respond to that expectation.

Through this 12 city speaking tour I was fortunate enough to participate in I have developed a deep respect and reverence for Hyun Jin Nim, True Parents and entire True Family.

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