The Words of the Downey Family

Rev. Moon

Michael P. Downey
February 24, 2001

Why should we assume that Rev. Moon has the answer to all questions. I think every one (who wants to) tends to view Rev. Moon through the lens of their own cultural and intellectual and for that matter heartistic biases. If a Christian asks if I believe that Rev. Moon is the messiah how can I answer? If I say yes they usually assume that I think Rev. Moon is Jesus or God. Is it required to be the messiah to know everything about everything? I think not.

How incredibly difficult it must be to be called as a messiah. If you proclaim such a thing the whole world begins to project it's own hopes and biases on you. How can a man live with that heavy burden? Rev. Moon's concept of his calling as the messiah is outlined quite clearly in the DP chapter on the mission of the messiah. He is not the all seeing and all knowing God, Jesus or a magician with supernatural powers although many out of immature understanding and faith have projected such roles on him. In human history, God initiated, nurtured and developed many primitive and immature religions to raise humans up step by step. Likewise, I believe Rev. Moon has also nurtured faithful believers wherever he found them, regardless of their level of understanding, and used them to further the current providence. If somebody comes to Rev. Moon and asks a question in sincere but immature believe that he as messiah should know every thing what can he say?

By the way, if we look at the accumulated knowledge of science, myth and history and then apply our own understanding we can figure it out with out much effort. Adam and Eve are arch-types representing the first humans. Can the exact second when winter becomes spring be pinpointed? Likewise the exact moment, if there is one, when animal life became truly human may never be known. In my opinion, this takes nothing away from Rev. Moon's understanding of the origin of evil nor what has to be done about it.

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