The Words of the Downey Family

CPL (Chung Pyung Lake) Testimony

Helen Downey
December 15, 2000

This 21 day workshop has been something of a curiosity for me. After hearing about CPL for 3 or 4 years I wondered if True Parents and Dae Mo Nim wanted me to experience Buddhist tradition or what? Anyway, after 2 weeks of workshop it was time for an ancestor blessing. I was not a participant, but inadvertently was in the hallway as it got under way. Somehow I became overwhelmed with emotion as I observed how True Parents invested so much sincerity and lovingly created this event as a witness to heaven. My attitude is so casual and flippant about ancestor activities. I truly felt that I am a dead person compared to True Parents, it was really shocking to realize this. My mind went back to a simple understanding of the returning resurrection from more than 20 years ago. As I remember it, the lower realms of spirit world descend first and try to make a base with people on earth. If we respond in a principled way, we are resurrected and so are they.

Dae Mo Nim said she was so surprised to see many blessed couples in spirit world in very unhappy circumstances. I realized that instead of overcoming low spirit world, we are being overwhelmed by it and reverting to our former way of thinking. True Parents of course can sense this and in a very kindly and true Adamic way, invite us to 21-day workshop to help us make a series of simple indemnity conditions to resurrect us and to help us begin sincerely practicing a true life of faith. Still it is such a challenge to control my mind and emotion but I am grateful for the opportunity to experience CPL.

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