The Words of the Cooper Family

Understanding the parable of the sheep and goats

Simon Cooper
September 30, 2013

We were looking at Matthew 25: 31-46 last Sunday:

The whole point Jesus is trying to get across to the people he is talking to is that when you attend, help, and serve people in dire need you can get closer to him and to God. Why? God wants to share his compassion, actively healing and mending this broken world. Our good actions and good hearts provide Him with the bodies with which to mend and fix. If when we give money to someone who has none, or when we sit next to the person who is on their own in this world, or when we visit someone who is v sick, we also remember Christ's heart for people, we can become Christ like and therefore both understand and enjoy heaven.

But Jesus warns us in the second half of the parable, if all we do is emphasis the vertical relationship with God, only praising him with our words, and putting his Son on a pedestal, turning the messiah into a celebrity, and do this until we forget to put first the welfare of those who work and live around us, then we become like a dead body of 'believers' trailing empty slogans behind us that cause more problems than they solve.

We went through this with the children before bed tonight and just said that they can know and feel close to Jesus and True Parents when they remember at the moment when they serve that they are doing their Father's desire. And certainly if that is true it is a blessing because we all are looking to get closer to God consciously or unconsciously. 

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