The Words of the Cooper Family

An act of devotion can change us in a moment

Simon Cooper
January 27, 2013

At around 11 pm last night, settling in to offer my current daily routine of bowing before God 120 times I had a change of heart. I went from feeling daunted to being pleased.

For some reason it crossed my mind that there is so much I am grateful for in my life at the moment, and that here was a chance to say thank you to God, as I know that the blessings I have come from him. So this daunting act became a a joyful act because it became a chance to say thank you rather than something I felt I have to do out of duty. I could enjoy the knowledge that because of God and True Parents my life has been blessed with so many good things.

There are many things that we are fearful of and worried about; things we feel obligated to do, pressured to do. An act of devotion an offering made to God can turn one's heart and mind around 180 degrees. We can go from facing fear, to being full of gratitude. A spirit of gratitude will fill your mind and body with strength, while worry and fear will drain you of life. 

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