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Why is it good to let people pray for you?

Simon Cooper
December 7, 2012

Why it is good to let people pray for you?

This is what we will explore this Sunday:

A story of how things turned around for someone in our community:

A woman in our congregation was under a lot of stress and pressure in her life. She started coming to the midweek small group prayer meetings that we held at different people's houses earlier this year in May and June. The experience of having people listen to her prayer requests and pray for her really helped. It gave her peace in her heart that allowed her to make some changes and take some steps, which made it possible for God to bless her life.

Join us this Sunday at 43LG as we here a testimony as part of a message about what prayer could be doing in your life if you considered it to be a priority, and made it something that you did together with others. 

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