The Words of the Cooper Family

Is obedience gay?

Simon Cooper
September 21, 2012

Words are integral to understanding what we believe, what we think, and therefore how we behave.

Words are often taken and then claimed by people, and then used to convey their message. And so words find themselves changing, taking on new meanings, because language is a living entity. It does not stand still.

Take the word gay. It once meant to be merry, carefree, and bright in color. Then a group of people who felt persecuted were looking for a positive image for themselves hijacked it, and the word took on a whole new meaning so that it described two men who have a sexual relationship with each other.

Then fast forward a few more years and you find that children in school playgrounds have given the word a new meaning. You are sitting in the car on your way home on the school run with the radio on, and you hear someone in the back say 'that song is gay!' They don't seem to mean the pop song is cheerful and carefree, and it's not because it is the Pet Shop Boys, but their tone is scathing; what they mean is that they think the song is rubbish.

That is quite a journey that little word has traveled. It most likely has an identity crisis that requires some counseling.

This Sunday we will look at a word that plays a big part in all of our lives from when we are small, and continues into our adult life, especially if we are part of a religious community.


Where are the origins of this word, and could it actually help us to become profoundly deep thinkers, people who are autonomous, and wise to God's calling in our lives.

Join us this Sunday as we explore how different cultures understand this powerful word and how it has the ability to make or break us.

What does obedience say to you? 

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