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No readymade meals please, we're building the Kingdom

Simon Cooper
September 15, 2012

Why I like the food in my house: it's never readymade meals out of a microwave, instead my wife always starts from scratch whether it is biscuits, cake, or a main course, pizza, curry, etc. She makes the dishes, not someone in a food factory in Birmingham.

That's why I prefer to eat at home rather than eat out. And that's why all our friends like to come over and share our dinner table. If we could get like that with our faith, maybe people would be more interested to share in that too.

Rev Moon never gave us a readymade microwavable meal when it came to our spiritual life, he just gave us the ingredients to cook with; he spoke about so many things, he shared the revelation he had of divine principle. And then he showed his own personal example of how to practice these God given principles. check this out for how people experienced that living example of God's word:

But he always told us to take responsibility. He never said follow the leader. He did say: follow your conscience, pray, research. His teaching says that we all instinctively seek out someone closer to God than us to help us in following our conscience. That is v different from someone telling you that they are closer to God and that you need to follow their directions.

He wanted us to create the culture that he demonstrated in our own family. He never even emphasized going to church so much himself for many years. (I emphasis it to our local congregation because I see it as a way to come together and experience being a community.)

But his emphasis was much more on building our own home church area where our family lives. So make it happen in your family, become a tribal messiah, and then we might have a church we all want to get up and shout for.

He never wanted our spiritual life to be like a meal taken off the shelf from the Asda frozen aisle, but he wanted us to become master chefs in creating the most beautiful banquet that all can share in.

If you can come up with a beautiful recipe, sure you can share it with others. but they still need to buy the ingredients and spend the time cooking.

Join us this Sunday at 43LG either in person or Ustream online as we look to the future and how we go forward without our founder on Earth with us. 

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