The Words of the Cooper Family

Raeding but not raelly listneing is leki not speling prperly, we don't get understanding

Simon Cooper
September 7, 2012

Was studying with Chieko this morning, and I realized how hard it is to concentrate and listen with focus to another person reading. My mind wanders off and I end up thinking of something else again and again. I wasn't aware that we had read anything of any significance.

So, I thought I would have a little re read, and then I realized we read something quite profound.

We are reading Rev Moon's words that go through in detail the language and meaning of our Unificationist family pledge.

It's dawning on me that now True Father has passed on, understanding his teaching and tradition needs to be one of my priorities if I want to end up with the happy life that I am always seeking to lead.

Here is what I re read on page 2396 of the Cheon Seong Gyeong (when two people walk towards holiness):

1.3. Seeking our original homeland

1.3.1. The true meaning of our original homeland

What kind of place is the original homeland? It is the kind of place that we want to go to, that we want to see, that we want to live in. It is the kind of place that our mind wants to go to, and our body wants to go to together with our mind. We must seek out the original homeland that our mind and body both miss simultaneously; a place where we can rest forevermore and feel proud that it is our foundation of happiness. Because of that, throughout the course of history, numerous people have longed for this kind of original homeland, have pursued it, and have revered it, and then passed away. We need to be aware that numerous people of deep faith and people of great wisdom have been making tremendous efforts until today in search of this homeland. That is why the original homeland must surely come into being. (23-74, 1969.5.11) 

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