The Words of the Cooper Family

The Big Shop

Simon Cooper
August 21, 2012

Empty trolleys

I always appreciate it when I have a break from preparing talks or giving sermons and instead just get to help out some other way. So grateful to Teresa Hays for having me as her shopping assistant and driver. She's not just cooking for a 100 people 3 times a day with her kitchen team. The shopping itself is quite an adventure.

But even that she had organized down to a T. We arrive in the store and she systematically sends us off to different aisles with a trolley each and a verbal list to test powers of memory. And it all ends up super tasty on a 100 plates in front of 100 hungry people.

Full trolleys

We even had a supermarket sweep trolley race down the aisles. I got gold, Teresa – silver, and Jo got bronze. But they probably didn't knock anything off the shelves… 

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