The Words of the Cooper Family

Get things right, where you want them

Simon Cooper
August 18, 2012

Went along to the house in Hanwell which we will be moving back into next month to see how the builders were doing. Kelvin the main builder gave me an update, and took me through the schedule of works. It was all very hopeful and as projects go no massive delays. To a lay person it is hard to see why builders can't just do things quickly. But as I have my eyes opened to all the details of a building project I get to see why one doesn't want to rush things and allow for careless mistakes. Kelvin commented on this to me saying how they need to be methodical, and if they just go into 6th gear and mistakes get made it can mess up the whole program and end up taking even longer.

I was thinking how as a pastor I should understand this; you can't just rush people, or force a community into getting healthier, or becoming prosperous. People also need time. The Divine Principle talks about this as there being 3 stages of growth for anything to reach maturity.

I can see how in the building project there is the first fix, 2nd fix and then the final make over, whether in the plumbing or the electrics etc.

If we can see the need in our own lives to not rush around trying to be everything or get everything done, but instead learning to be methodical, it would bring a lot of blessing into our lives. Prioritizing the different passions in our heart and having a schedule of works to bring them to fruition will bring us into a greater realm of maturity.

Getting things right rather than just getting them done is a good principle for a house that one might live in for 50 years, but even more so when it comes to our own life that is eternal. 

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