The Words of the Cooper Family

A grandmother's love

Simon Cooper
May 29, 2012

Just got a call from my parents as I was getting out of the shower, and busily trying to get ready for the school run. Always keep my phone close to hand. Dad wanted to come over and just spend some time together and help water the garden, probably prompted partly by mum. And then my mum wanted to tell me about her dream:

Eddie, her 4th grandson was running across a frozen pond, and she and I were there watching, and then all of a sudden he disappeared under the ice, and then she saw him swimming with all his might. Not sure how you do that in a frozen lake, but that's how dreams go I guess.

And then next she swam out to him, and said "Eddie, you can swim on my back", and they swam together to the lake side.

My Dad started asking trying to clarify the account in the background while she was retelling the dream, and she said: "Paul, it's, not your dream…" 

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