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Our search for a deeper love – reflections for Easter Sunday

Simon Cooper
April 7, 2012

Myung Moon March 26, 2012

This Sunday morning we will look at why we get a holiday every year around this time; how the significance of Easter is all about rediscovering the love of God in our life.

Here are some words to reflect on for Easter Sunday from Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

If the desire of God and the desire of man differ, God's will can never be achieved. How to make those two, God's desire and man's desire, into one is the question. All people long for an ideal that is one, unique, unchangeable, and eternal. God, being absolute and the eternal Existence, wants the same thing. The crossing point of those two, of God's will and man's wish, will be one point.

But what should it be? That is the problem. Neither man's desire nor God's will is ultimately human honor, human knowledge, material wealth, or human beings themselves. There must be some great goal that we are headed toward. That is the love through which God and man can unite into one and live together through eternity. Love is eternal. Those who love each other want to remain eternally in that love. Love is one. Love alone is the core of human desire. It must be unchanging….

I want to teach you this: Love God and love people at the price of your life. Then you can gain your own life and gain all people also. That is what God wants from the bottom of His heart, and that is what Jesus wanted us to be like. When Jesus prayed at Gethsemane, "Father, let this cup pass from me, if it be possible. Nevertheless, not as I will, but as Thou wilt," his heart was that of a son who loved only his Father. On the cross he loved even his enemy and prayed for him. There had never been such a man in all history previous to him, and there was no such man after him. That is the sign of his having loved the whole of mankind. That is what made Jesus the greatest. If you can do that much, you cannot help but be the friend of Jesus, or the bride of Jesus. You can have his Father as your own. You can have everything he had….

In order to do that, you must remember the three stages of the formula: Separate yourself from Satan, come into the love of God, and sacrifice yourself for the sake of other people. In studying, you should not study for your own benefit or for your own sake, but you should study to save the whole world for God. When you marry, you must not forget that you are marrying for mankind, for the future of mankind. People with that heart cannot perish. When you pray, do not pray for yourself, but for others. If you do this the result will be yours also. Do not pray for the Unification Church, but pray that God may use you to save your nation and save the world, at the cost of your lives.

The place where such people meet, that is the Kingdom of heaven. 

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