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A proud day for Unificationists

Simon Cooper
March 24, 2012

It was snowing outside too

Sometimes we tend to put ourselves down as a movement but when you participate in a blessing event you can only feel pride for True Parents, the movement, and our community.

Just being at the resort the last few days with all the 2nd Gen couples getting ready for their big day and being at the ceremony, has left me feeling so uplifted and moved. The couples looked simply beautiful getting ready this morning. It's a beauty that is more than 'on the surface', but radiates from deep within.

Seeing some of the guys with their fiances, reminded me of that special feeling I first had with Chieko when we got married and blessed, and how sure I could feel about her and our future. Just sensing the quality of the person one has decided to share one's life with brings so much peace to the heart. And I still get that feeling every time I wake up or go into the kitchen or get into the car with her. That quality hasn't changed, just matured and become more beautiful.

Naomi and Kazuhiro also danced on stage in front of True Parents with 4 other couples having been given one evening to practice their moves. They were all amazing.

Anyhow, enough reminiscing.

I have been over here in Korea with a production company who are working on a documentary about the blessing. I don't think it has ever been documented in quite this way with such an in depth look at the engagement process and the experience of the couples on the day of their ceremony. The camera man and sound man told me the interview they did with Naomi Davies was one of the best they experienced, describing it as natural and sincere:

Here is the Today prog. on radio 4 reporting on Blessing2012 (you will need to turn up the volume):

They took some of 43LG Ustream content so Chris and the band just went nationwide for about 4 seconds….

We'll work on that time frame.

And the confetti: 

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