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Diary notes – we can't love when there is accusation in our heart

Simon Cooper
January 13, 2012

(Written last night but the wireless died half way through)


Had a good day. Carried on meetings with 43LG community staff doing work reviews / appraisals. It's our first time doing it in a structured way, it's a learning process, but v inspiring, and able to see how it can really make a difference to our work, how we perform, and become successful at what we do, and ultimately make it easier for God to work and trust us.

Guess what? …Spiritual work can benefit from formal structures and precision.

Am now in Livingstone House, south of the river and almost out of London

God's day 2012:

Got out an email about our big Unificationist holy day coming up in just over a week. We are going to make a whole day of our celebrations…

Pastor's residential:

But just had a good start to our pastors' residential meeting. A lot of senior members (in terms of age and wisdom) here from our community. Took a bit of time to share thoughts and give each other a status update.

Love is free from accusation. We finished with unison prayer just round the table with the biscuits and tea.

Conclusion from my prayer was: I know there is something that makes it hard for me to freely love others sometimes. Especially in a work environment. Working in a v imperfect organization has taken its toll on me, and led me to get a little bit self-righteous, and throw around a bit of accusation. I have said things, which is a sign, as it says in the bible that the tongue conveys what is in the heart. So, it was a good prayer to end a good day. I can't love properly as long as I hold accusation towards others in my heart.

Doesn't mean we stop being critical and perceptive, just need to become more mature at the same time…and keep a sense of humor. 

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