The Words of the Cooper Family

43LG congregation brings the spirit of Christmas to W2

Simon Cooper
December 14, 2011

What makes Christmas special for you? The songs we sing that speak to us about the grace of God's son being born are for many of us what brings the Christmas spirit alive.

Getting ready to go out A good group from our congregation went out with some friends and sang our way through the Hallfield Estate all the way to Whitely's in Queensway. The reaction from residents and shoppers was so uplifting, and everybody got a taste of what it's like to come together with God's love and for a good cause. We could raise some money for IRFF Destiny school in Uganda.

Lots of people stopped to film us on their Blackberry's and even join in with the songs. We also gave out fliers to people inviting them to our Christmas service and lunch.

If you would like to join us this Sunday there will be lots more carols and after lunch for those who want to sing more a chance to visit an elderly people's home nearby in the neighborhood. 

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