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No lap dance club please, we're Enfield

Simon Cooper
November 29, 2011

The borough of Enfield has a complete ban on lap dancing clubs.

Chris Bond from Enfield Council's cabinet:

"We do not accept they are good, harmless fun for consenting adults. They send completely the wrong message to children and young people. Enfield is a haven for fair minded people and these establishments add absolutely nothing to the community."

The article in the Evening Standard shows how it is possible for people to have common sense, and not be swayed by the arguments of groups lobbying for the lap dancing businesses. If it can be done on a local level maybe it is possible for family friendly policies to creep in on the national level.

For a long time, if you read articles about these clubs in the papers they were starting to legitimize these enterprises by mentioning that actually they were helping intelligent women to pay for their university degree courses and give them a way to freedom.

Perhaps this article shows that a liberal society, or a postmodern culture, can in the end enable people to eventually be free from having to be politically correct, and instead allow them to follow their conscience and deeper moral compass.

Anyhow, if you support Mr. Bond's position and are grateful for his stance, send him a letter of support either by Royal Mail or electronically.

London Borough of Enfield,
Civic Center
Silver Street
EN1 3XY (yep, he still uses, but sometimes old school is cool)

Take a look at the Evening Standard article:

No lapdance clubs please, we're Enfield
Mark Blunden
November 28, 2011

Strip shows, lapdancing and pole dancing are to be banned by a council, even though there is not a single adult entertainment venue or sex shop in the borough.

Launching its campaign under the slogan of "No Sex please, we're Enfield", the borough council is adamant it wants to continue to provide a "haven for fair-minded people".

Under changes to the Policing and Crime Act, local councils will have greater control over sex entertainment venues. The council fears operators will try to secure up to 11 "live displays or performances involving nudity" allowed a year without a license. Last year, Islington stopped any more adult venues opening, but Enfield has gone further with its pre-emptive ban. Chris Bond, cabinet member for the environment, said: "We have no sex establishments in Enfield and that's the way we want to keep it.

"We do not accept they are good, harmless fun for consenting adults. They send completely the wrong message to children and young people and add absolutely nothing to the community."

Residents are being asked for their views and today the lapdancing industry accused councilors of likening legal entertainment to prostitution. Peter Stringfellow, whose Covent Garden and Soho clubs feature nude lapdancers, said councils had no business policing public morals.

Enfield pole dancing teacher Nathalie Barren, 40, a former Top Of The Pops dancer, counts local mothers among her pupils. "The council is being a bit puritanical," she said. "Many dancers wear more than Olympic gymnasts. There's nothing untoward."

Kate Nicholls, of the Lapdancing Association, said: "Lapdancing clubs do not provide Amsterdam-style live sex shows, we're part of the entertainment and hospitality industry." Our dancers do not see themselves as sex workers. It is high-quality entertainment in a very controlled environment.

"We would invite Enfield's cabinet to visit one of the outlets and see what entertainment is provided, to reassure themselves." Mr. Bond responded: "We do not support the denigration of women and have no wish to take up this offer." 

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