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Blog Therapy to calm my temper

Simon Cooper
October 20, 2011

Blog therapy to calm my temper -- writing this to calm my nerves. I really wanted to see SPACE in my week. but by the time I got home this Sunday evening I was already feeling afraid that the time I was hoping to have for all the things I want to do was quickly disappearing like the sand in an hour glass being dragged down by gravity.

It's nothing new. But I had hoped I would see large swathes of time open for me to use for study. But rather Monday morning is already taken up with a meeting. And then Monday night is Tintin which is fine in itself and a negotiated deal, because Chieko and I are anti-trick or treating, and so the simple option is to offer a movie as an alternative, to bypass the massive popular commercial cultural push for Halloween projects.

Anyhow, it's just a sense as I look at all the people there are to meet with in my 43LG congregation, and the things that need to happen to make all that we want to do happen, it just needs way more than 7 days in the week. And meeting with people simply takes time. And then next Saturday there is an event in Livingstone house and I have to be there slap bang middle of the day. Transport south of the river in London is so poor, and LH is practically in the country side.

Anyhow, Chieko has told me to take some time to write everything I need to do down on paper and organize it into the week. I will do that and I want to do it, just I know as I do, the reality of the week being too short will bring the fear that my week is gone before it has even started.

And then of course what about me and 'my time'. Time to read a book for example. Haven't been to the cinema and seen anything other than a U or a 12 for absolutely ages. Small price to pay for getting to be a parent, maybe...

And so, that is why, probably the conclusion is that there will never be enough time, and it's simply meant to be that way on this earth. It's how we get clever at stuff and forces us to be creative, and find new and better ways of making life work.

Or not as the case may sometimes be.

But as Jack Corley said in his sermon today. Look at life through the eyes of faith and with a heart of love and then amazing things can happen. I guess I always hope my congregation will put my message to good use in their week. Perhaps I should try that myself.

Have a good week people.

(p.s. btw, I am planning to do a message series on effective time management from the 8th January) 

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