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Mapping your territory – who is at your frontline?

Simon Cooper
June 25, 2011

Come along at 5 pm to 43LG this Sunday, if you want to discover how to manage you relationships in a way that allows God to be more involved in them and fulfills your desire to work out where your primary place of mission is in your life.

Last few weeks we have been exploring what it means to 'find the disciple in you'.

This Sunday we will start looking at how to practically apply the theory to our personal lives. Some of the content I am using is from the ideas I picked up at the LICC toolbox course I was on last week that was teaching about whole life discipleship.

We want to work out where our frontlines really are. What is a frontline? The place where battles are fought, it is the most important line in a debate or a movement, a place where key decisions are made.

Mapping your territory:

We are going to start by mapping our territory. Walking through our weekly schedule and asking: what are my frontlines, where do I spend most of my time, who are the people I regularly engage with, what is my relationship with them, are they people of faith, etc: 

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