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How committed are you to your purposes?

Simon Cooper
June 11, 2011

How committed are you to your cause? Often we only find out when things get rough.

This Sunday at 11 am and 5 pm and on Ustream we have part 4 of 'finding the disciple in you'. The message title is:

'Commitment issues?' Everyone wants to make commitments in life. We are all looking for something to commit to. In fact when we do not have any commitments we often feel listless, as if we are just floating around.

But do you ever find you make commitments without having thought them through, or because they have been imposed on you? DO you see yourself as an over committed person. DO you know someone who says yes to everything and then finds they cannot really follow through properly.

Damon my eldest son said yesterday: "grownups always make promises they can't keep". Well I guess he got me there.

If you want to 'find the disciple in you', then being mature in the way you make commitments will be a significant factor in your search. And why is this important? I believe that you and I want to be part of a community that is a light to the world, that has the capacity to help others, help others to help others, heal the different forms of suffering that go on around us, did anyone watch Poor Kids on Tuesday night? Check it out on BBC iPlayer.

As we find the disciple inside our hearts we will discover the energy and the commitment to help others.

If you are connecting or want to connect to our 43LG community I hope you can make it this Sunday. 

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